Get the theoretical foundations, skills, and experience necessary to transform the lives of those who count on you

————Quick Overview————

Overview: Foundation program designed to give you the theoretical understanding necessary to be a powerful and transformative coach as well as helping you develop the personality characteristics necessary to implement the theory with maximum effectiveness.
You’ll be doing: Reading articles, doing written exercises, developing your concentration and awareness abilities, coaching other coaches, being coached by other coaches, coaching a client, participating in weekly calls to deepen and expand your understanding
Duration: 13 weeks
Cost: $2,990
Start date: TBA
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Coaching Foundations is a unique coach training program designed to give you the foundations you need to become the most powerful and transformative coach possible.

The core element that separates Coaching Foundations from every other coach training program available is that you will not only learn the theoretical foundations necessary to to affect change in the lives of others, but you’ll also develop the personal skills and characteristics necessary to implement those tools with maximum effectiveness.

This is incredibly important because most coach training programs only give you the theoretical foundations necessary to coach someone.

They’ll teach you information about how to help people identify their goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and make progress towards the life they want.

But what they don’t give you are the personality characteristics necessary to implement change. 

To effectively apply these concepts, a coach needs to have insight (to see through the clients layers), honesty (to say what they think, even when they believe the client doesn’t want to hear it), and empathy (to put themselves in the clients shoes and develop effective progression plans).

These personality characteristics, when combined with the right theoretical knowledge and solid coaching structures are the foundations of a great coach.

Coaching Foundations will help you develop these traits through getting you to identify, confront, and overcome your own limitations, to share your truth (even when it’s scary) with the other coaches and trial clients so by the end of the program, you have the knowledge and traits to transform lives.

This process is run over 13 individual modules each made up of 8 individual components. Those 8 components are:

  1. Articles
  2. Written exercises
  3. Private members forum
  4. Concentration and awareness exercise
  5. Being coached
  6. Coaching other coaches
  7. Coaching a client
  8. Weekly roundup calls

Here’s a breakdown of those elements:


1. Articles

Each module contains an article that contains the theoretical content for the week. It breaks down one step in the coaching process and gives you the tools to take your client one step further through the coaching process. The specific elements contained in each article are listed in the module breakdown below.

2. Written exercise

Theoretical concepts are pointless and completely unproductive unless you can understand how they apply to the real world challenges and barriers that people face. And what better person to apply these concepts to than yourself! Each module contains a written exercise that will get you looking at your own limitations, barriers, and challenges through the lens of the information you’ve just learned.

This will give you not only a deeper understanding of the concepts and ideas but also help you work through your own barriers and become a more powerful and effective coach.

3. Private members forum

Learning and developing these skills can seem like an isolating and scary journey so to give you a stronger sense of the community you’re part of, see other peoples answers, and ask the questions that are on the tip of your tongue, there is a private members forum setup just for the participants of Coaching Foundations.

You’ll be able to share, read, ask, and reply without complete privacy.

4. Concentration and Awareness Exercises

One of the key skills required to be an incredible coach is the ability to put what’s happening inside your head – the thoughts, ideas, stories, doubts, and fears – aside and be 100% present with the client in front of you. This skills – and yes, it is a skill – doesn’t just appear out of nowhere when you graduate Coaching Foundations. It’s a skill you must practice and practice and practice.

To make sure you get the practice necessary to develop this skill, every module contains an exercise to help develop this skill.

5. Being Coached

You cannot help someone overcome a barrier that you haven’t overcome yourself. It’s simply not possible. Firstly, you obviously haven’t found an effective method for overcoming the challenge and secondly, you won’t understand the subtle nuances of the specific challenge itself.

This means that if you’re going to be a great coach, you need to be facing your challenges, barriers and problems head on and working through them.

To help you do this, you will have the support and guidance of one of the other trainee coaches throughout the program to help you identify and overcome your barriers.

6. Coaching a Coach

If you’re going to be a coach, you have to become comfortable coaching people. There’s no two ways about it. But leaping in and just coaching clients straight away can be very confronting – so what do you do?

To take some of the stress out of your first coaching experiences, you will start your coaching journey by coaching another coach in Coaching Foundations.

They know the pressure you’re under as well as understanding the theory somewhat which will make this a much simpler and far less scary process.

7. Coaching a Client

Coaching another coach is a great place to start but that’s not how things are going to be in the real world. Your clients are going to be real people with different experiences, problems, challenges, and levels of knowledge and self-awareness about their issues. To give you some confidence working with real clients, you will also be working with one client throughout the duration of the program.

This client will be aware that you’re just learning and give you enough leeway to make sure you’re not under too much pressure, but they’ll also be coming to you with a blank slate and an open mind looking for guidance.

This experience will help you get ready to start working with real world clients.

8. Weekly Roundup Calls

As you progress through Coaching Foundations, you will be learning a LOT of knew information, theory, and techniques. To make sure you have a full grasp of all the concepts – both theoretically and practically – there will be a roundup call with all the coaches at the end of each module.

This call will give you the chance to discuss the concepts, ask your questions, and practice the implementation of the techniques with feedback from the rest of the team.

Module Progression

Each of the 8 elements listed above are contained in each of the 13 modules that make up Coaching Foundations.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to learn in the 13 modules of Coaching Foundations.

Module 1. The Big Picture

Learning a big, complicated process with many intricate moving parts is MUCH easier when you’re able to see the big picture of what you’re working through. To make sure you don’t get lost in the small details of the coaching process and have an awareness of where you’re going, the first module of Coaching Foundations is The Big Picture.

In this module, you’ll get an overview of the exact process you’ll be taking your clients through as you help them create the life they want.

Module 2. The Pathway Spectrum

Each client you work with will fall on a spectrum that determines the challenges, barriers, and obstacles they face. Module 2 will help you understand that spectrum, how it works, and where you need to help clients get to so their challenges and barriers disappear.

Module 3. Transitioning to Independence

Once you know where you’re trying to take your client, the next logical step is unpacking how you get there. In Module 3, you’ll learn the 7 steps you need to follow to help your client eliminate their challenges for good.

Module 4. Coaching for Independence

Helping a client transition from one place on the spectrum to another isn’t as simple as just giving them the information and sending them on their way. How you present the information and how you coach them has a HUGE impact on whether they achieve the outcomes they need.

This module will give you the tools necessary to make sure that you’re not only giving them the right information but you’re delivering it in a way that has maximum benefit.

Module 5. Ownership

There are certain elements that are necessary for any client to start making progress – like actually wanting to change, being ready to change, and having the time and space to dedicate to change. But beneath these, there’s one crucial psychological element necessary before any change can happen: Ownership.

Module 5 will teach you how to identify and address a lack of ownership so your client can move forward powerfully.

Module 6 and 7. Script Identification

Once your client has taken Ownership of the challenges and barriers in his life, the next step is to identify what the real challenges are. This process is called: Script Identification. It’s where you dig beyond the layers to see what’s really causing the issues you’re clients working against and how they’re created.

As this is such a significant element in the coaching process, it’s been broken down into two parts. Module 6 is Script Identification Pt. 1 and Module 7 is Script Identification Pt. 2.

These two modules combined will give you the skills necessary to identify the real challenges your client is facing – despite what they might claim they are :-).

Module 8. Script Selection

Knowing the real problem is a HUGE step forward for most people, but there’s no point in just stopping there. Without a solution, knowing the problem provides no benefit at all.

To make sure your clients get the solutions they need, the next step in the coaching process is to identify a new Script that allows your client to eliminate their problems from the core.

Module 8 will give you the tools to help your client find a powerful and empowering solution to their challenges.

Module 9. Implementation Plan and Plan Review

Knowing the solution is a HUGE step beyond identifying the problem, but it’s still not enough. Without a plan to implement that solution, your client will just be fumbling around in the dark.

Module 9 will teach you how to develop a plan with your client so they can implement their solution and dissolve their barriers.

Module 10. Focus Control

A persons ability to change their life is determined by their ability to control their focus. If they can’t control their focus, they cannot implement any changes, regardless of how effective their plan is.

To make sure you can develop an effective focus control plan for your client, Module 10 will give you all the ins and outs of focus control.

Module 11. Extreme Independence

“Well, just how far can you go?” is a question that gets asked frequently when guys are first introduced to the concept of Independence. And the answer is: “Much further than you think…”

This module will give you a theoretical understanding of the extreme possibilities to motivate you to continue your journey and share with your clients just where they can end up.

Module 12. Creating Clients

If you did nothing with all the incredible coaching skills you’ve learnt over the past 11 weeks other than change your own life, then you will have more than justified your commitment to the program. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you want to build a thriving coaching business and have an impact on the world.

But how do you do that? How do you find clients? How do you show them you have the skills they need to change their life? You do that through a process called ‘Creating Clients’.

Module 12 will show you exactly how you can find people who’re looking for a solution to their challenges and show them exactly how you have the solution they need.

Module 13. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Over the previous 12 modules, you will have learnt many, many different skills, techniques, and methods for helping people overcome their challenges. So many so that it can often be overwhelming. The problem with this is that when you’re overwhelmed, you’re not going to be effective as a coach.

So, to make sure you are effective, Module 13 is designed to bring everything you’ve learnt back to the core, foundational principles so that even if you forget the nuances of every step, you’ll still be able to make a difference to those around you.

In Summary

Coaching Foundations is a one-of-a-kind program. By the time you complete it, you’ll not only have the theoretical knowledge necessary to help any person you meet overcome their challenges and barriers, but you’ll also have the personality characteristics necessary to implement those tools with maximum effectiveness.

There are 8 individual tools within Coaching Foundations we use to help you achieve that:

  1. Articles
  2. Written exercises
  3. Private members forum
  4. Concentration and awareness exercise
  5. Being coached
  6. Coaching other coaches
  7. Coaching a client
  8. Weekly roundup calls

These 8 tools are included in each of the 13 modules of Coaching Foundations:

Module 1: The Big Picture
Module 2. The Pathway Spectrum
Module 3. Transitioning to Independence
Module 4. Coaching for Independence
Module 5: Ownership
Module 6: Script Identification Pt. 1
Module 7: Script Identification Pt. 2
Module 8: Script Selection
Module 9: Implementation Plan and Plan Review
Module 10: Focus Control
Module 11: Extreme Independence
Module 12: Creating Clients
Module 13: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

 If you’re ready to build your own coaching practice and start having an impact on the world around you, Coaching Foundations is your chance.

To secure your spot in the next Coaching Foundations program, click the ‘Apply’ button in the top right-hand corner of this page. 






Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any kind of money back guarantee?

As with all programs, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

If you complete all the exercises and activities throughout the entire duration of the program and when you get to the end, you feel like you haven’t got the information necessary to start coaching other people, if your coach can’t help you get that knowledge within 3 months after the completion of the program, we will provide you with a full refund.

Given the work that goes into preparing and running this program, and the fat that the program only runs when there are enough paying members to make it financially viable, no refunds will be given for people who don’t put the effort in to complete the work or simply change their mind.

In short: If we’re responsible for you not getting what you need from the program, we will give you a full refund. If you’re responsible for not getting what you need from the program, you will not be eligible for a refund.


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