Quiet your mind in even the most mentally taxing environments


What: Setting aside time every day to develop the skill of focus control
How Often: You have the choice to commit to 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days
Time Commitment: Depending on the level you commit to, your time commitment will be between 10 minutes and 40 minutes per day
What you’ll get: You will improve your ability to concentrate on what’s important in the moment and let go of everything that’s not helping you create the life you want
When: You can start this challenge whenever you’re ready to stop letting outside distractions limit your ability to live a rewarding and exciting life

NOTE: Focus control exercises are often called meditations. They’re one and the same thing but some people are a little funny about the word ‘meditation’ so to make sure they don’t miss out of the incredible benefits, I refer to them as focus control exercises in this challenge.




Knowledge is Useless

One of the biggest lies ever told by the life advice community is that once you read and understand an idea or concept, you’ve made progress. All it takes to start transforming your life challenges is a new piece of information and by getting that, you’re on the path to success. This is not only wrong but also incredibly harmful.

You don’t make progress by learning something new because at that moment when you learn something new, nothing has changed about your life. Your relationships with your friends aren’t deeper and more meaningful. You aren’t able to express yourself more openly and freely. Your anxiety hasn’t melted away leaving you more calm and confident around strangers. Despite this new piece of information, your life is still 100% the same. Nothing has changed and you have made no progress.

Information doesn’t change your life because you can learn and learn and learn and nothing changes. The application of information is where you start to see your challenges and limitations melt away.

  • Knowing how to how to stop worrying what people think of you is one thing but you haven’t made any progress until you can stand confidently and calmly in a situation where you used to get stuck in your head and remain firmly grounded in your core desires and drives
  • Knowing how to cure your burning desire for external validation is one thing, but you haven’t made any progress until you can shift your attention to the decisions and actions necessary to give yourself the validation you desire and stay true to that when your entire being is screaming to do what other people want
  • Knowing how to keep your insecurities at bay is one thing, but you haven’t made any progress until you can power forward through activities that your insecurities normally keep you from pursuing

Knowledge is nothing without the ability to apply that knowledge in the challenging, frustrating, and difficult arenas you move through every day.

How to Apply Knowledge and Transform your Life

There are many different tools and techniques you can use to apply your knowledge and start to deal with your demons. You can create physical and psychological triggers to remind you of how to live your life in moments of turmoil, repeat affirmations until your anxiety subsides, memorise intricate behavioural routines until you’re confident you can overcome the most difficult of challenges, but all of them are useless without one key element: focus control.

In the harsh light of an office presentation or the familiar pressure of a family gathering or wherever you notice your limitations arising, your brain gets flooded with information. Images flash before your mind, sounds penetrate your concentration, physical sensations disrupt your thought patterns, and your mind attempts to make sense of all of this by filtering it through layers of past experiences and knowledge to attempt to ascertain what all this means about you, your relationships, and your ability to live your life on your terms.

These 11 million bits of information pulsating through your nervous system and hitting your brain in every second then get whittled down to the 50 most important pieces which you attempt to focus on as you progress into the next second. These 50 could be made up of what your close friend is saying, trying to watch that cute stranger without appearing to be interested, your plans for that evening, or, if you’re committed, dedicated, and driven, the new piece of information you previously learnt that’s supposed to help you eliminate your challenges and frustrations.

The thing that’s going to determine which information you focus on and which you allow to slip into the background isn’t the number of books you’ve read, how diligently you listened to your guru’s podcast, or how hard you studied your solutions cheat sheet. It’s your ability to control your focus.

Your focus is the spotlight you use to pick pieces of information from that great tangle of mess flooding your senses and decide which one to pay attention to.

For example: your eyes might be aware of the screen you’re reading this course description on, but are you aware of what’s around this screen? Shift your eyes and have a look. Now, look back again, but this time, pay attention to the small details — the vibrancy of the colour, the surface texture and the way the light creates shadows across it, the tiny imperfections in the surface. All those details have existed this entire time, but your brain chose to not bring those to your attention.

Now, what physical sensations are you aware of? Are you holding the device you’re reading this course description on? If you are, what does it feel like? Is the surface smooth or rough? Is it hot or cold? If you’re not, where are your hands? And what physical sensations can they perceive? What about your feet? What about your head? Where is there tension in your body? All of these physical sensations have existed the entire time you’ve been reading this page and yet you’ve only just become aware of them through consciously taking control of your focus.

Now, it’s one thing to be able to notice these small details in a calm and settled environment with no distractions and no pressure to perform, but being able to do so in the bright lights of the wide world around is a completely different kettle of fish, especially if you’ve spent a number of years focussing on what you now know are completely unproductive things, like:

  • What people think about you
  • What your parents have told you to do with your life
  • Proving how strong or tough or brave you are to anyone who’ll listen
  • Putting other people below you so you can feel big and strong

To be able to control your focus in these tough and challenging moments, you need to improve your ability to control your focus. You need to get better. It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to stand on a stage attempting to educate and inspire others and simply be able to switch your attention inwards whilst ignoring the obvious draw back to other people’s perceptions of your performance if you haven’t practised and honed your ability to control your focus.

This is what the focus control challenge is designed to do. It will give you a simple, repeatable progression plan to help you develop your ability to control your focus, allowing you to apply the simple solutions you’ve discovered in the most testing and challenging areas of your life.

It will allow you to develop a deep and powerful connection to your personal drives and desires, stand tall, strong, and calm in the face of the harshest of criticisms, and power forward with your life, regardless of what other people think, say, or do.

If you’re ready to develop the most useful life transformation skills and be able to let old habits slip past you like a leaf in a stream, click ‘Start Course’ in the top right-hand corner of this page. Once inside, you’ll get access to:

  • A breakdown of the three levels of this challenge you can choose to take on
  • Access to the challenge forum where you’ll be able to chat with others taking this course, learn from their mistakes, and share your journey
  • Instructions on how to make this process simpler and easier

Click ‘Start Course’ now to start transforming the logical knowledge inside your head into real-world results taking you closer and closer to your ideal life.



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  1. Relax, take control of yourr focus and enjoy yourself!


    If you have tendency of overthinking a lot about things, gets lost in thoughts and unfulfilling activities, consider doing this challenge. I chosed the advanced way and it was amazing.

    Before the challenge: I have been meditating for some months, but felt my experience was getting stuck, it was not changing. I also had a hidden tendency of not accepting some emotions as fear and guilt. I was used to have lots of thoughts during the day that didn’t get me near to where I wanted.

    During the challenge: I started feeling a different and deeper trance while experiencing the 1 hour meditations. It surprised me how things could change while meditating. I started enjoying being in silence, just existing. I was getting used to deal with my emotions and my thoughts, somehow they were not me, but another part of me.

    After the challenge: I feel I’m in control of my focus. I’m familiar to my emotions in all its genres. I choose to be in silence many times during the day now, because it feels good. I’m more comfortable with myself.

    I also experienced some great side effects:
    My productivity increased a lot and I feel less fear while starting new projects.
    I’m calmer dealing with uncertainties, somehow I’m trusting more in myself.
    Spontaneously I’m choosing to focus on what matters for me, to spend my time in better ways during the day.

  2. Focus Control


    I recommend taking this challenge. As someone who deals with hyperactive energy and anxiety, I could easily feel myself slow down and being more self-aware with the guided-meditation; as well as any issue that you may have – the Life OS instructors are there to assist you.

  • $27.00 $1.00

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