Turn Logical Theory Into Powerful RESULTS:

Destroy your insecurities, Eliminate your mental roadblocks, and Build rock-solid confidence with your…

…Personally guided inner-transformation bootcamp.


Did you ever get the feeling that there had to be a simpler, easier, and more authentic way to attract women?

One that didn’t involve lies, tricks, or pretending to be someone you’re not, just for the slim chance of having a warm body snuggle up to you at night?

Despite what the Seduction Community has been trying to jam down your throat, there is a FAR simpler, FAR easier, and FAR more authentic way to unleash the naturally confident and powerful Man within than wasting years of your life memorising fake stories, over-complicated techniques and manipulative tactics.

You can be real, you can be free, you can do what you want and say what you want AND have women attracted to you because of it.

And you’re about to learn how.

The Art Of Effortless Attraction

When was the last time you felt truly free?

– To approach whoever you wanted, despite the limiting beliefs and doubt
– To flirt openly and outrageously, regardless of who was watching
– To seduce without fear of being labelled a sleaze or a creep
– To make deep and lasting connections that left her wondering if you’d met in a past life

When as the last time you felt the inner strength, effortless freedom, and magnetic attraction that comes from having the confidence to live your life on your terms?

Two weeks…?

A month…?

A year…?


I’m asking because you don’t have to let opportunity after precious opportunity slip through your fingers, whilst you stand on the sidelines wondering…

– If the anxiety will ever fade enough for you to be able to take that first step towards her
– If the endless dialogue running through your head will ever quieten down enough for you to really listen to what she’s saying
– If your lucky break will come
– If that’s really her boyfriend of he’s just some excuse you’re using to cover up your fear
– If you’ll be able to flirt playfully and openly with the girls you find really want or if you’ll just have to settle for what you can get.
– If you’ll have to watch that girl you’ve been eyeing all night, leave with some other guy because you didn’t have the balls to go and talk to her
– If you’ll be able to get your own way, long enough, to prove to yourself just how easy this could be

The freedom to do what you want, when you want, and to take every opportunity that passes by your eyes, every time you walk down the street, is available to you, right now.

Finding your inner strength to break through your self-imposed limitations is easy and eliminating them is simple…

…when you know where to look.

Do you know what a Natural is?

I’m asking you because this is important. I want to make sure we’re on the same page here.

I’m not talking about the ‘Natural’ that’s a Macho Jerk, who pushes people around to make himself look good, who speaks louder than everyone to because he’s afraid of not being heard, and raises his ‘social status’ by making other people do what he wants without regard for what they want.

The ‘Natural’ I’m talking about is more real, more compassionate, more caring, more in touch with who he really is and what he stands for, and more willing to take responsibility for not only his life, but the world around him.

He’s that guy who can walk into a conversation with complete strangers and lead it every time he opens his mouth because he lives a fun and interesting life.

He gets invited to all the cool events because he brings the energy to make the party exciting and alive, with him.

He’s the one who flirts playfully because his life is so much fun, free of frustration and anxiety, that he’s naturally playful and flirty.

He’s the guy you’ve been watching talk to women wondering how he makes it all look so effortless.

He’s one guy that Pickup Guru’s have been imitating since the birth of the Seduction Community, trying desperately to copy his moves, style, action, and energy.

He’s the guy that does everything the PUA Guru’s tells you to do to attract women, without trying.

He didn’t learn opening, qualification, rapport, leading, escalation, or seduction from some manual or rule book.

He didn’t internalise or memorise thousands of hours of structures, techniques, or tactics.

He just lived his life and this is what happened.

This is because there’s a very deep, very simple, very powerful core mechanism that’s allowed him to naturally do everything that a PUA has said is necessary, but without ever having to learn a thing.

This is very good news for you.

It means that if you can tap into that core mechanism, and learn to live your life from it as well, you can bypass the hours of lies and manipulation and just get to the good stuff.

Becoming free, open, and naturally attractive isn’t some kind of inherited skill or genetic trait.

It’s not passed down through your fathers side, skipping every second generation.

Radiating the raw masculinity that women find irresistible is a simple skill that EVERY SINGLE GUY is capable of, regardless of his past success or failure.

All that’s required is a simple shift the one core mechanism and your success will start to flow.

And not just for a brief second on a great night out with your mates or in the moments of pure freedom that happen when you’re on holiday or drunk.

It can be the effortless way you live your life.

There’s a part of you that is strong, that is powerful, that can approach and flirt and play with ease, and all you have to do is find the way to let him out.

When you can, everything will change.

There will be no more nights…

– Sitting at home, wishing you had the courage to walk out the door
– Standing with your back against the wall wondering how to get your heavy feet to take that first step
– Stuttering through the first 20 seconds of an awkward conversation until you hear the dreaded ‘I have to go to the bathroom’
– Trying your hardest to keep the conversation vibe up only to hear ‘Sorry, I have a boyfriend’
– Wondering why it’s so easy with girls you’re not attracted to, but as soon as that hot one appears, everything falls apart
– Feeling defeated and rejected as you watch the girl you’ve been working on all night, walk out of the club with some guy she’d spoken to for less than 5 minutes.
– Watching other guys who make it all look SO easy and SO effortless wondering if you just weren’t born with it

There will be no more nights spent trying and trying and trying, only to come a distant second to some guy who doesn’t try at all.

The frustration that’s plagued our life will be a thing of the past.

There’s a VERY simple and VERY powerful switch that governs whether or not you’re naturally expressive, open, and confident or needy, outcome dependent, clingy, and demanding.

When you can find and flick that switch, everything will change.

You’ll be a new Man – powerful and strong.

Not a different Man, with the old version buried under layers of fake and rehearsed tricks designed to mask the neediness that is still simmering just below the surface…

…but a different version of yourself.

A more confident, more free, more powerful, and a more naturally attractive version of you.

With the unattractive and awkward parts not just hidden under layers of black nail polish and brightly coloured fashion accessories, but actually eliminated from their core.

The version of you that stands on the sidelines watching women hurry past his needy glances will be replaced by the version of you that stands on the sidelines watching women become intrigued in by his strong and powerful eye contact

The version of you that creates awkward silences and has to struggle to fill them will be replaced by the version of you that allows natural silences and has women struggling to fill them.

The version of you that says inappropriate things and makes women cringe and walk away will be replaced with the version of you that says inappropriate things and gets a shocked look, a playful slap, and enough sexual tension to get her juices flowing.

But the benefits don’t just start and stop with women.

Your whole life will take on a new flavour.

Finding your deep drives, desires, and passions and allowing them to guide you will transform every area of your life.

– The struggle to get out of bed in the morning will be replaced with excitement and energy because of all the exciting exploits you have planned
– Mindless X-Box and endlessly flicking through TV channels will be replaced by hobbies and adventures
– Your ‘to do’ list will actually grow shorter, not longer
– The excuses ‘not to’ with start to be replaced with ‘reasons to’
– Your friendships will take on a new depth and realness
– People will want to spend more time around you
– You’ll find new energy to take on the world, even when you only get the briefest of sleeps
– You’ll start to really believe that it’s possible for you to make a significant difference to the world around you
– More parties, social functions, and events will start to fill out your calendar
– Procrastination will fade and be replaced by dogged determination
– Obstacles will morph into challenges
– Your deepest purpose will start to materialise
– Your work will start to become more rewarding and fulfilling
– New courage will start to infuse your life
– You’ll start to form effortless connections with people you’ve only just met
– Going to sleep at night will be easy because you will feel like you’ve accomplished something with your day rather than just wasted it awa like so many others

And this isn’t some theoretical list I created one night whilst lying along in my room, visualising what a confident Man would experience.

I know this because I experienced this transformation, first hand.

“I wasn’t born a natural with women…”

My youth was a testament to that.

I spent 7 precious years of my journey to adulthood hiding in the oppressive darkness bedroom, in shame and fear.

Not going to parties because I was afraid of saying the wrong thing…

Not standing up for what I believed in because I was afraid of being wrong…

Not leading others on exciting adventures because I was terrified that no-one would follow…

I would eat my lunch in the bathroom to avoid having to come up with cool and interesting answers to everyday questions and would never answer the phone in case I embarrassed myself by running out of things to say.

My life was ruled by other what other people though, what other people said, what other people did, and whether or not I could get their approval.

I lived as a shadow, consumed by fear and a desperate need for acceptance from everyone in my life.

It didn’t matter whether they were my best friend or a total stranger, it didn’t matter if they were beautiful or bland, it didn’t matter whether they were confident or self conscious…

…all that mattered was whether they could give me that sweet hit of validation I needed to feel the least bit worthy.

But even with all these problems, I was a stud with women!

I could walk up to any girl, I could rattle off a list of the funniest jokes and have women… Just kidding.

That’s a lie.

I was as successful with women as you would imagine a guy would be who spent every Friday and Saturday night for a two years, hiding in his bedroom, terrified of failing and being judged as a failure.

The closest I came to getting physical with a girl during that long 7 years was when a particularly beautiful woman gave me a hug for buying her two packets of cigarettes after her boyfriend took all her money to buy alcohol for himself.

The closest I came to losing my virginity was standing outside a door bedroom, watching the girl of my dreams follow my best friend in, and catching that ravenous ‘I’m going to tear you apart’ sparkle in her eye as she shut the door behind them.

I was as far from being a ‘Natural’ with women as you could find.

I don’t think frustration, disappointment, and depression adequately describe what I went through in those long and lonely years, but they’re as close as I can come right now.

And because of this, I was stuck in vicious cycle.

ANY time a woman would pay me ANY attention, she would automatically be elevated to ‘the girl of my dreams’. I would become infatuated out of desperation and loneliness.

It would feel great as we went to coffee and discussed her latest emotional roller coaster, all the while nodding and smiling politely, confidently pleased with how close we were becoming.

I thought that if I can just get to know her well enough, she’ll eventually see just how great I am to her and she’ll leave her Bad Boy / Rock Star / Cool, confident, Alpha Male boyfriend for me.

Obviously, that worked really well…

Weeks would turn to months.

One boyfriend would slowly fade into another whilst I was still sitting on the other side of the coffee table, nodding politely and agreeing that she was right and he was wrong, but secretly wondering why she wasn’t seeing just how great I was.

Then, my neediness would bubble to the surface, I would become clingy and terrified she would stop hanging out with me.

Funnily enough, my desperation not to be alone was the one thing that would push her away from me.

The ‘I’m really busy this weekend, lets catch up next weekend’ excuse would slowly turn into unanswered phone calls and unreturned text messages.

After a few months (yes, not weeks, months) of desperately trying to get a response, I’d give up trying and crawl back into my misery.

I would sit there, alone, lost, and depressed, until I managed to force myself out into the world to I would find a new woman to become ‘the girl of my dreams’.

The cycle would start all over again.

I don’t know how many years I repeated this until it eventually, it just became too much.

One day, after waking up alone and frustrated because the last ‘girl of my dreams’ had brushed me off once again…

…I decided that things were going to be different.

Not just with women, but with life.

I was sick of this roller-coaster of emotional dependency. I was sick of waiting for the world to give me the ‘lucky break’ I’d been hoping for.

I was sick of being the little boy that let everyone push him around and never got what he wanted.

I made the simple most important decision of my life: The decision to take action.

From that moment on, I took control.

At first, it was small things:

– Looking beautiful women in the eye as I walked past them instead of staring hopelessly at the ground
– Disagreeing with people when they said things that were clearly wrong
– Eating lunch with everyone in my class rather than hiding in the bathrooms worrying what people might think of me

But then I decided to push myself:

– I committed to trying one new thing a week
– I took responsibility for problems I created and found solutions to fix them

And most importantly, I stopped blaming anyone else for my shitty life and I started doing something about it.

The funny thing was that the permission I was so desperately trying to get from everyone around me started to appear once I gave it to myself.

The more I pushed myself, the more internally fulfilled I was, the freer I allowed myself to be, the more people encouraged me to keep going.

The confidence and charisma I was radiating started to become infectious and people wanted to hang out with me more and more.

Instead of desperately trying to find ways to get invited to the cool parties and exciting events, I started looking for gentle ways to say “No” because I just had too much on my plate.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all sunshine and glory.

There were the inevitable lows, where I felt hopeless, powerless, and alone, and the confusing plateaus where no matter what I did, I simply couldn’t get the momentum to push to that new level.

But even these lows took on a new flavour.

Instead of fearing little setbacks, I started to look forward to them because I knew that I was about to learn something incredible about myself.

Instead of worrying about the plateaus, I started to embrace the time they gave to reassess what was really important and cut out the unnecessary fluff.

Things with women started to change. And change for the better.

I transformed from being stilted, awkward, frozen, and reserved, and gradually I started to grow.

At first, it was just with female friends I was comfortable with – I started to drop the ‘nice guy’ persona and started to playfully push them around.

Then it moved to regular women I ran into – I started teasing and joking around with the checkout chick at my local supermarket and the woman at my favourite Thai restaurant.

After a few short weeks, I was even flirting with random women on the bus and strangers in the supermarket!

But there was still one major hurdle.

If I wasn’t attracted to a woman, everything was easy.

I could play around, she would play back, we’d flirt, connect, and after a while, she’d be getting touchy and feely and I knew it was on.

But, if I was attracted to her, or I was trying to take things to the next level, all the same problems would come back.

– I would still say stupid and inappropriate things at the stupidest and most inappropriate moments, when I wasn’t running out of things to say
– I’d still try and be funny but I’d just come across as lame
– Every attempt to be cool came still out as forced
– When I tried to connect and be real, it still came across as insincere
– Instead of flirting playfully I’d still get stuck in logical conversations about things I didn’t care in, in the hope that I’d bore her into sleeping with me

As soon as there was an attractive woman in the room, I’d shut down, get stuck in my head, over analyse the situation, and act like the pathetic nice guy I’d been working so hard to eliminate from my life for so long.

I couldn’t crack the problem.

I knew I was a cool guy, I knew that I could be playful, flirty, and interesting, I knew I had a lot of value to add to beautiful women’s lives…

…but I just didn’t know how to let him out.

That was when I found the Seduction Community.

I turned to the PUA handbooks and Seduction DVD’s in the hope of finding my answer.

Do you think I found simple ideas for becoming strongfree, and real inside their Pickup Bibles?

Not even close.

All I got were manipulative tricks to push the real me even further down beneath the layers of information.

But I still gave it a shot.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did have to learn all these fake tactics so I could eventually become the ‘real me’.

I spent a few weeks studying and learning structures, lines, and routines.

I spent a few more weeks internalising tactics, techniques, and methods.

Then I hit the ground running… straight into a brick wall.

I didn’t think it was possible, but learning all this manipulative crap had actually erased the very limited social skills I’d managed to build up over the last few years.

Instead of being fun and playful, I was forced and analytical.

Instead of being open and free, I was cold and calculating.

After a few shorts weeks of dabbling in PUA techniques, I started to struggle to have a fun conversation with my good mates.

That’s when I knew this wasn’t for me…

It felt wrong. It was wrong.

– I didn’t want manipulative tricks to make women think I was the cool guy that I’d borrowed this personality from.
– I wanted
 tools to let out the naturally cool guy from within.
– I didn’t want
 to internalise someone else’s stories to make shallow connections with fake women.
– I wanted
 to be able to open up and be free with everyone to build deep connections with real people.
– I didn’t want
 to memorise structures for pretending like I actually had standards in my life.
– I wanted
 to get out of my head long enough to really pay attention to the woman in front of me and see if she actually met my standards, despite her looks.
– I didn’t want
 to waste hours memorising stories about other peoples lives to convince her that I was an interesting person.
– I wanted
 to strength to walk away from hot but boring women and share the interesting and exciting parts of my life with other interesting women.
– I didn’t want
 to burry the real me under more layers and layers and layers scripted, memorised, and rehearsed lies. I had enough layers already.
– I wanted
 to strip back the layers of crap that I was using to hold myself back so the real, powerful, strong, purposeful, and driven me could break free around even the hottest women.

“This is when my journey deeper started…”

I knew the PUA community had nothing to offer so I started to look elsewhere.

Taoism, Buddhism, Masculinity work, obscure philosophies, and children’s books (seriously) all started to point in the same direction.

The showed me the simple patterns I’d been running with my friends, work mates, and women I wasn’t attracted to, that had transformed boring and painful conversations into effortless and easy fun times and EXACTLY how I wasn’t using them with attractive women.

I could see why all my female friends thought I was a prize catch yet no women I was attracted to was interested in me.

I could see why women I wasn’t attracted to were easy to draw in yet the ones I really wanted stayed out of my reach.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle started to fall in place.

Slowly, slowly…

Inch by inch…

I started to see what really kept me frozen and clammed up around stunning women and the even simpler way to transform it.

I threw myself in head first – testing, trying, pushing, and playing.

“Some nights, I felt like Moses in the Red Sea, parting creamy
white thighs with a wave of my magic ‘staff’.”

Other nights, I felt like the same old pathetic nice guy who’d smothered women since high school.

But that didn’t deter me.

Every time I had a bad night, I learnt something valuable that took me closer to being ‘on’ all the time.

I pushed forward, I took on challenges, I did things that other guys said were impossible and I broke every rule in the PUA handbook.

The results started to flow.

At first, it was limited – one hot girls phone number, a quick make-out here and there.

Then things started to really move forward – dates and ‘movie nights at my place’.

Then things started to happen that I didn’t even imagine were possible – 3/4/5 women in a week, threesomes and more-somes, best friends and sisters, having my pick of any woman in a club…

And all whilst doing what I wanted, when I wanted, without having to resort to any skills, tricks, or techniques to make it happen.

I’d finally proven that PUA Guru’s wrong: Yes, it was possible to become a natural with women.

This Was When Other Guys Started Coming To Me For Help…

Guys who I knew from my days experimenting with the whole PUA thing started to notice.

One hot summer night, at a meeting of seasoned seduction experts, I started an innocent conversation and wanna-be Casanova’s started to take notice.

They asked questions, I shared my experiences and ideas, and some of the more ‘inner-game’ focussed guys started to really dig what I had to say.

A few emails and a few long phone calls later, a Google group was born.

23 guys formed the core foundation of what was later to become The Attraction Institute.

Conversations about presence, inner roadblock, and life purpose started to overwhelm the boards till a forum had to be started to handle and organise all the traffic.

Demands for more information led to a book and emails asking for personal guidance led to me starting the journey into the world of coaching.

I’m not afraid to admit that my first few attempts were failures.

It’s easy to watch some naturally attractive guy is doing, write it all down in a book, and flog it off as some ‘Seduction Bible’ for $24.95 (for a limited time only).

Cracking the method for helping a guy shift the very foundation that he lived his life by was a different kettle of fish.

I read, I studied, I tested and I tried.

Then the results didn’t match my lofty expectations, I read, studied, tested and tried some more.

After years of experimentation and more failures than I could count, the results started to show.

Once I drilled the barriers and techniques down to deeper and deeper to their core concepts and build out from there, the results start flow.

Guys started saying things like:

I want to say thank you. I’ve only been following this advice for like 4 days, and I
already feel so much more secure and confident in the direction I’m going
than I ever have in the 4 months of PUA prior.

A few days ago, I was sitting next to a model on the airplane, and for whatever reason I
started a conversation with her and we talked for 4 hours straight, and this chick was
a 9/9.5

– Charles


You have created an amazing source of knowledge to all men that are lost.

Congratulations on your success on making a difference in many people’s life.

– Derrick


All I want to say is Thank You. You’re incredible. You really are making men’s lives
more beautiful.

Leigh, I am becoming a real man. That’s because I kicked my ass. But also, it’s because of you.
Thank you, again. You’re a brother-in-arms.

Enough with the petty emotions. Cheers! 🙂

– Iulian


After more and more refinement, I finally cracked it.

Now, after 10 years of stripping back my layers, barriers and roadblocks and learning the simple secrets to freeing myself around even the most intimidatingly beautiful women, and 6 years of successfully guiding hundreds of other Men through that very same process…

…I’m giving you the opportunity to become the Man of YOUR dreams through our proven system called Get Real.

What Is Get Real?

To put it simply: Get Real is your opportunity to find the inner switch that’s responsible for whether you’re frustrated, lonely, and powerless or free, confident, and powerful…

…and flip it for good.

It’s your chance to find your simple mechanism that’s responsible for your doubt, confusion, frozen feet and nervous glances and flip it so that your natural confidence can radiate from within for everyone to see.

Get Real’s unique 5 week, online structure will help you lift the fog, remove the barriers, become powerful, strong, free, and open, and Naturally Attractive to Women.

Get Real is a program like no other.

– You won’t be herded into poorly lit seminar rooms
– You will be able to get the information, instruction and feedback from the comfort of your own home
– You won’t be shouted at by ‘Alpha’ instructors
– You will be gently guided on a journey through your inner roadblocks
– You won’t be forced to try and cram as much information into your head as quickly as possible
– You will be able to take your time, thoroughly digesting every article and exercise before moving through the structured activities designed to make sure you make practical use of every realisations
– You won’t be dragged into noisy and smelly night clubs that you wouldn’t ever hang out in if you had the choice, to lie to fake and drunk women
– You will be able to go where you want, doing activities you enjoy, and allowed to be real with women you’re actually attracted to.

But Get Real isn’t 5 weeks of information thrown at your head in the vein hope that some of it sticks.

Get Real is a journey.

Each article, written exercise, and physical activity builds on the previous one so you can go deeper, faster, and build a complete picture of the challenges you face, then develop the tools and game plans necessary to eliminate them for good.


What’s Inside Get Real?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you will have learned, discovered, and developed over your 5 Section Get Real journey:

Get Real Preparation: Setting The Foundations For Complete Inner Transformation

The Get Real Preparation is the first step on your Get Real journey.

Inside, you will discover the simple patterns at the source of the frustration and limited success with women. This clear and honest evaluation of your current situation will form the foundation of your investigations and transformations as you move through Get Real.

By the end of the Get Real Preparation: Setting The Foundations For Complete Inner Transformation, you will:

– Build a clear and complete map of you current life situation and understand why your problems at work aren’t separate from your issues with women
– Have a complete blueprint of the REAL inner game roadblocks you’re facing
– Clearly see the cause of your frustration and limited success with women
– Understand the core mechanism responsible for pain and disappointment in EVERY area of your life
– Set rock solid foundations for complete inner transformation
– Know your current life purpose and see the painful future you’re headed towards if you don’t make drastic changes
– Have found the simple mistake you’re making with women and how it’s pushing them away from you
– Know why you do stupid or inappropriate things as soon as a beautiful women walks into the room
– Understand why you’re able to attract women you’re not interested in by turn into a bumbling idiot the minute a hot woman is standing in front of you
– Find the strength and courage to make the tough choices you need to if you’re going to reach a fraction of your true potential
– Discover exactly how you’re sabotaging yourself in every area of your life
– See the core elements required for inspiring others and understand how embodying those traits is what everyone really wants you to do.
– Know the unbreakable relationship between actions, focus, and purpose, and how to leverage that relationship for maximum positive benefit
– Have built your personal mission statement so that you’re driven, passionate, and on purpose

Section 1: The Freedom Formula

Section 1 is where you start to look inwards to find the core desires, structures, and patterns necessary to experience the happiness and freedom you desire. By the time you finish Section 1, you will know your deepest desires, your dream future, and the simple way to start taking HUGE steps towards this future immediately.

By the end of Section 1: The Art of Effortless Freedom, you will:

– Know what’s really responsible for your fleeting moments of freedom and how to tap into that mechanism at will
– The simple reason your looks, height, or bank balance aren’t responsible for your lack of success with women
– Clarify your perfect future so you’re not left wondering if you’re heading in the right direction
– Understand who’s really preventing you from experiencing the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from living your life on your terms
– Discover why trying to build social value is a waste of time and how it’s this ‘trying’ that’s stopping you form having it, right now
– Start the process of discovering what you really fear and desire
– Know the simple way to find effortless freedom in every area of your life
– Find the one KEY element in creating eliminating your doubts, fears, and worries when interacting with women, regardless of how attractive they are
– Know why attempting to analyse the social situation is the LEAST powerful way to attract women
– Discover the simple tool for becoming more ‘present’ with women, work, friends, and free time
– Be able to create freedom in places you’ve never experienced it before
– Know what confidence, women are REALLY looking for in a Man and what you need to do to become that kind of Man
– Understand how to become the kind of Man that get’s approved of by her friends, rather than having them try to block you out
– Build a deeper and stronger connection with your emotions and desires
– Understand how trying to build confidence is the slowest and most difficult way to find freedom around women

Section 2: Uncovering Your Core Barrier

Section 2 is where the deep investigation starts. By the time you have completed the articles, exercises, and activities in Section 2, you will be able to see the ONLY barrier that’s preventing you from experiencing the confidence and clarity you’ve been searching for as well as the simple way to experience it, regardless of what anyone else says, does, or thinks.

By the end of Section 2: Uncovering Your Core Barrier, you will:

– Find the one thing stopping you from be real, expressive, and free around women
– Be able to effortlessly deepen your relationships with anyone in your life
– Know how to find a feeling of strength and power when interacting with women, regardless of how they respond
– Know the only barrier preventing you from building deep and powerful connections with women
– See what’s really preventing you from ‘getting out of your own way’
– Discover the 2 types of freedom and know which one will make you feel effortless, open, and real, and which one will leave you shut down, confused, and frustrated
– Learn the core desire that underlies all your fears
– Understand the ‘Permission Factor’ and how it’s stifling your self expression right now
– Truly understand the meaning of ‘congruence’ and how to build it without trying
– Be able to avoid ‘outcome dependence’ so that your neediness and clinginess evaporate
– Discover the simple way to feel great, despite other peoples opinions
– Find the only thing preventing you from approach, flirting, and escalating in bars, clubs, and on the street
– Be able to stay centred and focussed, even in noisy and busy environments
– Stop worrying about what other people are thinking of you

Section 3: Breaking The Chains

It’s one thing to know how you need to live your to become free of your self imposed constraints and inner road blocks, but it’s another thing ENTIRELY to know how to eliminate this roadblock for good.

Section 3 will give you the simple, 2 step solution, that will allow you to move freely and powerfully through any situation, coming out the other side feeling strong and in-control, regardless of the outcome.

By the end of Section 3: Breaking The Chains, you will:

– Know the two step mechanism for eliminating any barrier, any where, any time
– Find peace with your past decisions and start the process of inner forgiveness
– Learn the simple ingredients for eliminating fear, doubt, anxiety, and shame
– Discover the simple strategy for being able to approach any woman, regardless of how scary the situation is
– Build strong and confident eye contact
– Develop a deep level of presence and self awareness in even the most distracting environments
– Have the tools to overcome fears of sexual expression
– Watch limiting beliefs melt away
– Learn the true nature of what it really means to be ‘present’ with someone
– Build a new understanding of fear that will have you running towards it, rather than away from it
– Learn the true meaning of your emotions and how you can use them to create a strong, more real, and more powerful connection with your purpose and other people
– Understand why you work the way you do and how you can reconstruct yourself in any way you want
– Find the true meaning of acceptance and learn how can use it right away
– Know the one ESSENTIAL ingredient for true transformation that 90% of guys miss
– Eliminate over-analysis and find the freedom to take action

Section 4: The Art of Effortless Attraction

Section 4 is where we bring it all back to women.

By the end of Section 4, you will see the way to develop effortless connections, the sense of complete power and control, and ultimate freedom in your interactions with women, all whilst doing what you want, when you want to.

Section 4 will also help you develop the game plan to implement these subtle changes in your life so that this transformation becomes a permanent fixture, rather than a fleeting triumph.

By the End of Section 4: The Art Of Effortless Attraction, you will:

– Know how to effortlessly perform every ‘seduction technique’ without even trying
– Clearly see why using any attraction, rapport, or seduction tricks will kill your ‘game’
– Experience the freedom of pure and unrestricted self-expression
– Know why trying to read body language is the fastest way to miss all of her signals
– Know the BIGGEST mistake you can make when trying to attract women
– See why learning pickup rules is the FASTEST way to push women away
– Know how to be respected by women and why you weren’t being respected in the first place
– Easily stand out from any other guy around you, without even trying to, so you become the obvious choice for women
– Develop effortless calibration so you can read women’s subconscious messages with ease (without learning a single body language analysis technique)
– Know why women are withdrawing around you and how you can avoid this in the future
– Understand exactly how to deal with cold and aloof women and why it’s no different to dealing with friendly and inviting women
– Learn how to become the leader in any group and why it’s easier than you think
– Know the simple way to draw in the right women for you, whilst screening out the wrong ones without wasting precious time (HINT: It’s the most obvious answer in the world)
– Find the fastest way to kill attraction and with even the most interested women
– See why ‘Closing’ techniques are the easiest way to make sure you never get a women to return your call
– Avoid the trap of using both direct and indirect approach methods because they’re are just as useless as each other
– Blast through women’s tests with ease, before you even realise you’re being tested
– Be able to build a woman’s interest, before you’ve even made eye contact (and how it’s exactly the same mechanism as building interest once you’ve made eye contact)
– Learn the ‘right’ way to approach a woman, regardless of if she’s in a group, by herself, or in a hurry (and why you never needed to learn this in the first place)
– Never send the ‘friends-only’ vibe (unless you actually mean to)
– Know the REAL cause of her mixed signals and how to read through them
– Have a complete implementation strategy for making sure you continue to reach your potential, long after you finish Get Real
– Be able to build instant trust with a woman so she’s comfortable giving you her phone number and even going home with you (without even trying)
– Find how to infuse your conversations with emotionally charged content, ensuring your stories are engaging and exciting (HINT: It’s the difference between impression and expression)
– Discover how to stop trying to ‘project’ Alpha Traits and actually embody them effortlessly

Now don’t get me wrong, Get Real isn’t a magic want you can wave and these magic transformations will happen the very second you click on ‘subscribe’.

But, if you give Get Real the dedication and commitment that I’m sure you know is required to become the Man of YOUR dreams, then you will not recognise the Man you emerge as from the other side of Get Real.

The effortless freedom, the inner strength, the clarity of vision and the power to move towards it, regardless of what anyone else thinks, will be in your hands.

Here’s what some recent graduates had to say about Get Real…


Jermaine (3:19)

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TheBlank (6:11)


Luke (11:44)

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Luke’s testimonial was so long, I had to cut it down to have any chance of getting someone to listen to it. If you hate life and would like to listen the whole nearly 23 minutes, you can do it here:

Luke (22:44)

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7 Essential Tools for Complete Inner Transformation

I’m sure you know by now that just reading articles off a blog isn’t enough to transform your entire life. This is a lesson I learned very early in the coaching process.

You can give a guy as much information as you want, but all that will change will be the amount of information he has.

There’s far more that’s necessary to help someone find the freedom to be themselves in any situation. To guarantee that you can get the greatest transformation possible in the shortest time possible, Get Real uses the 7 Essential Tools for Complete Inner Transformation.

1. Articles

Freeing yourself of self-imposed limitations requires changing the way you live your life. In order to do this, you need to understand the roadblocks and barriers your face and see the clear path out of them.

Therefore, this journey of transformation starts by learning a different way of looking at your life and the barriers you face. Each of the 6 Modules that make up each of the 5 Sections of Get Real contains a quick article for you to read.

These articles will give you the theoretical understanding to ensure you’re always moving forward and developing a deeper understanding of the nature of your limited success.


2. Written Exercises

Reading an article an expecting your life to change is as useful as reading a recipe book and expecting dinner to be cooked. Information is useless without application.

Every article in Get Real has an accompanying written exercise to help you take that you take the information and understand how it changes the barriers and challenges you face in your life.

These exercises will give you the self-awareness and insight into your life to eliminate your mental hurdles that are keeping you to a fraction of your potential.

3. Activities

Gaining insight into the true nature of your challenges is incredibly beneficial. Developing the self-awareness to clearly see your specific roadblocks is even more powerful.

But nothing changes until you do something with that insight and awareness.

For change to happen, you must take action.

To make sure you’re taking action with every new insight, every article and written exercise has an accompanying physical activity to do. That activity may be as simple as visiting a particular environment and contemplating an idea or as challenging as interacting with women.

Each day will get you pushing your boundaries and challenging yourself so that you’re not just left with lots of useless information and insights.

I realise this sounds scary but don’t worry. You wont just be dropped in the deep end. I wont ask you to go and approach the hottest woman you can see on the first day of the program.

You will be gradually building upon each days success so that activities that seemed impossible before the program will feel totally achievable by the time you’re doing them.


4. Concentration and Awareness Exercises

Change only happens when you become aware of the painful and frustrating patterns you’re running and decide, in the moment that you start to run that old pattern, to start running a new one.

That can only happen in the present moment.

You can’t change in the past and you can’t change in the future. You can only change in the ‘now’. You can’t change in the present moment if you’re not in the present moment.

If you’re consumed by thoughts, theories, ideas, and structures, you’re going to miss what’s happening, right now, and not experience the transformation you want.

Because of this, at the start of every Section of Get Real, you will receive a homework assignment for you to do every day you’re working through that Section.

It’s a quick 15 minute practical exercise designed to help you build concentration and present moment awareness so that you can notice the simple patterns that are causing you frustration, pain, and anxiety and change them for good.

As you progress through Get Real, these exercises will also progress in difficulty so that you’re constantly building towards releasing that strong, directed, and passionate Man inside you.


5. Playtime assignments

Whilst the core elements we focus on at The Attraction Institute are freedom, expression, confidence and inner strength, they’re all related, in some way, to your relationships with women.

It would be pointless to use all this commitment, dedication, and energy and not bring everything back to becoming more free, open and real when interacting with women.

For this reason, every Section is caped off with what’s called a ‘Playtime assignment’. This is a simple and fun exercise to do in a social environment that the women you want will be spending their time.

This can be in a supermarket, a bar, a shopping mall, bookstore, or nightclub. It’s all up to you. Don’t worry, there’s no PUA games or Seduction Sequences you need to follow.

Just some powerful eye-opening exercises to help you see the real barriers and simple solutions.


6. Question and Answer

Without a doubt, you’re going to have questions as you go through Get Real That’s fine. Given the nature of the program, I’d be concerned if you didn’t.

So, to help you get clarity around the articles, exercises, and activities, I’ve collected the most common questions and personally recorded answers to all of them.

These are posted at the end of every week and you can go through them at your own leisure. They’ll give you the clarity you need to make sure you’re on track and achieving the answers you need.


7. Direct feedback on 6 personal coaching calls with a trained coach

There’d be no point in giving you all the exercises, activities, and articles you need to transform your life without giving you the support and feedback you need to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

To ensure you’re achieving the realisations you need to progress seamlessly through Get Real and come out the other side strong, confident and strong, you’ll get guidance and support from your personal coach along the way.

He’ll be monitoring the responses you post in the exclusive Get Real Forum, answering any emails you send his way, and chatting with you once a week to make sure you’re progressing and making a difference to your life.

“But that sounds like a lot of work!”

Yes, you’re right. There’s definitely work that’s going to need to be done.

You don’t transform the limiting habits you’ve been running for the last 10 / 15 / 20 years overnight by sitting on your arse on the couch, eating potato chips and watching reruns of bad, b-grade movies you didn’t enjoy the first time you watched them.

Change happens through taking the right action.

And taking the right action only happens when you put work in.

“But I don’t know if I can fit it in!”

Think about it like this – How much of your day is spend dealing with problems that only occur because you’re not living the life you want?

How much time do you spend dealing with unnecessary frustration caused by your inability to take the action you know you need to take?

How much time do you spend trying to get away from this anxiety and pain by surfing the net, flicking through TV channels, watching movies you’ve already seen, and reading books that don’t get you to the core of your issues?

Do you think you could instead, devote 30 minutes a day of that time to doing something that will get rid of the real core of the issue?

If you’re anything like a lot guys you’ll probably find that you have MORE time in your life as you’re going through Get Real.

When you deal with the real core of your issues, you stop having to constantly sort out the symptoms.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Real?

The short answer is “Much less than you think.”

But before I tell you, consider this: What would it be worth to you to have the effortless freedom to live your life on your terms and experience the deep sense of fulfilment that can only come from doing what you want, when you want, regardless of what other people think?

What would it be worth to you if that freedom allowed you to approach any woman, anywhere, say what you were actually thinking, rather than just what you thought you were supposed to say, play flirtatiously and openly, and then deciding whether or not she met your lofty standards?

And before you answer this question, just remember that this freedom will be available to you, every day of your life

There are other of workshops and bootcamps to help you eliminate your inner roadblocks.

Some are as cheap as $3,000. There are others that cost over $20,000!

I know Get Real is easily worth that much because not only did previous versions cost that much but satisfied participants said they would have paid twice what they did for what they got out of it.

But it’s not going to cost you even a half of that.

Over the past 4 years, Get Real has gone through 4 complete revisions, each more powerful, more effective, and more transformative than the last.

And as Get Real developed, so did our understanding of teaching, efficiency, and affordability. With all the progress we’ve made, we’re now able to offer Get Real at a price that means you can get access to it when you need it, rather than when you can afford it.

So now, your spot in Get Real, and access to:

– More than a month of personal guidance and support
– 31 in-depth articles to help you see how your hidden barriers work
– 31 written exercises to help you understand how those hidden barriers are responsible for the pain and frustration in your life
– 35 daily activities to integrate the solutions you uncover through these exercises so that they goes from empty theory to full personal realisations
– Unlimited coaching forum support
– Over 6 hours of recorded private coaching calls
– 6 personal coaching calls with your coach, including a 1 hour follow up call one month after you complete Get Real

…is all yours for $3000 $1190

That’s right, the TOTAL cost of Get Real is:

– Is 60% less than the cost of other most other workshops
– Runs for 10 times as long
– And deals with the real issues, rather than the surface level symptoms


How Do You Make Sure that Every Get Real Participant Gets Results?

Only 10 participants are allowed in Get Real at any one point in time.

If we allow more than that, our coaches aren’t able to give every participant the attention they need to ensure they’re progressing properly.

Once we hit 10 participants, we close the doors till everyone has either finished their journey or they’ve put their program on hold whilst they attend to other priorities.


Is Get Real The Right Program For You?

Get Real isn’t for everyone – That’s for sure!

There are only a small percentage of people in the world who are truly ready for Get Real.

If you’re looking for tricks and tactics to pretend you’re someone you’re not, long enough to fool a gullible woman into hanging out with you…

If you’re willing to sacrifice your dignity, morals, and personality, just for the pleasure of a woman’s company…

If you’re happy to spend months, if not years of your life, learning methods and techniques to supress your needy and dependent self…

If you’re looking for more intricate and complex ways of blaming other people for the frustration and disappointment in your life…

Then Get Real is definitely not for you.

The only Men who will get what they’re looking for in Get Real are those who are:

– Looking for a way to create real, powerful, and authentic connections with women
– Not willing to compromise their morals or ethics and use shady tricks to seduce women
– Sick of being dependent
– Tired of being caged
– Over the frustration that comes from living your life by someone else’s standards
– Looking for a way out from behind that invisible wall that’s held them back for so long
– Ready to take responsibility for their life, take control and create the world they want

Oh, and a healthy appreciation of everything beautiful and feminine helps as well 🙂

If this is you – if you’re ready to take control, to free yourself, to open up and share your great gifts with the world, all whilst becoming effortlessly attractive to women…

…then Get Real is the program for you.


What If I’m Not In Australia?

That’s fine!

When we first created Get Real, it was delivered live to students in our private training facility.

Whilst it was amazing to be able to witness the incredible transformations first hand, we found this created two problems:

1. Cost

If we have to fly instructors to you coach you, then the price of your spot in Get Real has to cover their airfares and accommodation, as well as their wages and operating expenses of AI.

This was preventing guys from being able to get the tools they need.

Our mission has always been to help as many Men as possible and delivering Get Real as a live coaching seminar prevented us from doing this.

2. Timing

If Get Real is delivered live by our trained coaches, then we can only help Men when we have coaches in their country.

We can’t reach the Men who want our coaching, when they want it.

They have to fit in with our schedule rather than us reaching them when their schedule is right.

This, again, prevents us from reaching as many Men as possible.

To avoid both these problems, we created an online portal to deliver Get Real through.

You can now find the freedom to be yourself around even the most intimidating women, whenever you want, wherever you want, anywhere around the world.

All you need is a computer and an average Internet connection.

If you can read this page then you can participate in Get Real.

Think of it like a how a University delivers it’s distance education teaching and you’ll be close.

All you need to do is log into your online content portal when you complete the previous section to get the next article, exercise, and activity.

“Do I really need to go through 5 weeks of intensive training?”

I’ll be honest with you – no you don’t.

You can stick it out by yourself.

I worked it out eventually and you can as well… It may have taken 10 years (and counting) but you could get there eventually.

Get Real isn’t mandatory or even necessary, but if you want to condense 10 years of learning, growing, failing, reassessing, and coaching others through the same journey into 5 weeks, then I would say it’s the program for you.

But it’s your choice and it will always be.

“How Long Will I Have Access To Get Real For?”

As far as I’m concerned, when you subscribed to Get Real, you purchased a product.

That means that you own your subscription to Get Real and can use it whenever you want.

You will have access to the articles, exercises, activities, and coaching calls as long as Get Real exists.

You can log in as many times as you want, revise the articles as often as you feel, go through the exercises and activities when you feel like you’re drifting off track, and listen to the coaching calls, every time you need clarification.

It’s yours to do what you want with it.

“Will I be going this alone?”

One of the most important features of Get Real is our exclusive access community.

When you join Get Real, you’ll have access to the private family of guys who’ve gone through Get Real before you, after you, and with you.

Not only will they be able to support and challenge you, but their previous answers, insight, and courage will give you the inspiration you need to get the maximum benefit from your Get Real journey.

And to ensure you’re guided on your journey, you’ll also have the highly trained AI coaches monitoring your every post in the Get Real forum to make sure you’re getting the results you need and progressing nicely.

“Couldn’t I just take a 3 day workshop and be done with it?”

You don’t need to go through a full 5 weeks of Get Real to experience success with women.

You could learn some quick things to talk about, build some short lived confidence based off getting some flirty smiles from some drunk and gullible women, and then have it all wash away the first time a women doesn’t fall for the quick tricks you’ve already tried on her friend.

Then, after wasting $3,500 and 72 hours of your life on that and achieving nothing other than reinforcing the very problem that’s responsible for you not getting success in the first place, you could come back to AI and start to deal with what’s really preventing you from attracting women.

For less than 15% of the cost.

Your choice.

What If I Want To Speak To A Coach In Person?

If you’re one of the guys who really desires personal feedback from a coach, then you don’t have to worry. You can get the support and feedback you want from our trained coaches, inside Get Real

You’ll be sent a link when you first sign up to Get Real that will allow you to sign up for the personal coaching inside your private Get Real lecture interface.


Is There A Guarantee?

Get Real comes with our 365 day, exclusive 2 part guarantee:

Get Real Guarantee Part 1: 100% Money Back Guarantee

If, at the end of 1 year after completing Get Real, you still don’t feel like you’re aware of the simple limitations that are preventing you from experiencing the power, freedom, and inner strength you desire, know the simple way to eliminate them, and you don’t have a game plan to implement them…

…then you will receive a FULL refund.

All you need to do is flick me a quick email with your registration details and I’ll personally transfer the money back into your account within 24 hours.

No questions asked.

Get Real Guarantee Part 2: Transformation Guarantee

You came to AI for a solution. I fully intend to help you find that, regardless of whether or not Get Real worked for you.

That means that if you still haven’t found the simple answers you were looking for after 1 year, once I have processed your refund and the money is safely back in your account, we will set up a mutually convenient time to start your complimentary private coaching sessions.

I will personally work with you until you have a clear understanding of your core limitations, developed simple strategies to eliminate them for good, and have built a game plan to ensure you are taking the action you need to take to make sure they don’t get in your way again.

If we can do this in one session, then your complimentary private coaching sessions will last for one session.

If this takes a year, then your complimentary private coaching sessions will last for a year.

I will continue to work with you until you have the solution you need.

What do you have to lose?


A Personal Invitation To You…

I invite you to sample the kind of life that you’ve always dream about.

To taste the effortless freedom of knowing who you are, what you stand for, where you’re going, and what you truly desire.

To experience the inner-strength to follow those new-found dreams and desires without wondering what other people are thinking of you.

To not only be able to stand strong in front of challenges, but to seek them out happily and confidently.

To put it short: To become the Man of your dreams.


Some kind words about Get Real…


I can’t thank you enough Leigh for letting me participate in Get Real, you changed my life. I was hitting rock bottom: I had lots of depression, anxieties and etc but you saved me. I was busy so I couldn’t finish week four but I’m working on it, some mental barriers are keeping me from finishing it but I will finish it. Again, thank you.

– Damoona (USA)


It’s been a couple of weeks now since I finished Get Real. What’s changed the most in my life is probably that I no longer feel lost in this big great world of ours. This is a really powerful feeling. Knowing what’s really going on. Knowing that it wasn’t the lines, the techniques etc. that were responsible for the outcome. Knowing that there is another option to feel powerful and connected rather than waiting for the external world to give it to me. Knowing that I can be in charge of life, whenever, wherever I want. I objectively know what to do when I feel weak, drained or disconnected. That is big man! And I’ve never really got to tell you how grateful I am to have found you. All the work that you’ve done for me, for all of us looking for a better way to live our lives. It’s incredible what difference you’ve made in my life. Thank you. And this comes from the bottom of my heart. I hope I’ll be able to give this “way of living” on to my kids one day.

– Jan (Germany)


Get Real allows you to look at your whole life under a microscope and see whats stopping you from being the incredible man you’ve always been, but never been able to show. Take a step forward and Get Real with your life. Seriously, you wont regret it.

– Mack


Just an update on how Get Real has already affected me. Thursday at the shops I gave my number to this cute girl that worked in the shop, didn’t get hers so I called the shop on the way home and did the cheesy “Hey i just met you and this is crazy, but I gave you my number so call me maybe” line just because I felt like doing it lol. It worked out and I ended up seeing her last night, went on a date and got a bit of action at my place. Usually on dates I’m stuck in my head trying to figure them out, figure out when to kiss, when to do this, how she reacts to that.. but I noticed a massive difference last night when I was just in the moment, doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to, being free and open and everything just fell into place without thinking! It was amazing 🙂

– Lance


Today, I wanna say a thank you to you. Now, I can see the missing pieces of the puzzle you have been talking all along.

Today, The way I relate to people around me and vice versa is so very different to what it was few months back. More than the materialistic things, how I relate is more important. And this is what you meant in the initial section of Get Real. I can feel the power that I can actually direct my life path by taking action. And this is not just an emotional out burst, but pure concrete results.

So thanks once again.

– Vivek


Before I joined Get Real I was very frustrated with life. I wanted to ‘get’ a girlfriend, have nice stuff to show off and impress my friends with my achievements. Basically doing everything to impress others and ‘get’ what I wanted even if it didn’t feel good. Now I’m in a relationship with a beautiful girly girl.

Get Real guided me through the process of recognising that I have to be me, and then attract the people and circumstances in my life that are in line with who I am – Making myself accountable for my own life, who I connect with and what I do.

I would highly recommend doing Get Real if you are stuck in life and are masculine. Yes there are lots of books that can help you, but a course with a coach is next level. Get Real!

– Ernst


I was on a program 3 years ago, Get Real, from a site called Attraction Institute. Don’t worry, the name is marketing-smart but besides that it’s one of the best websites for men in the world I have ever seen. I took all my money that I saved and put them in this program. I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to live an authentic life, true to my heart and soul.And so I did. But it was freaking tough. Really tough. I felt like the lowest piece of shit in the Universe before and sometimes during them. I felt like I would die, like this is the end, like I’d have to exile myself to a church afterwards.

The feeling after? I felt like a fucking champion. Like nothing could really stop me.

But this is not the point. The point is that my philosophy was permanently changed. One of core values became authenticity – expressing myself as I am in the moment, not fitting a persona or a social image. I started saying what was REALLY on my mind. Some people loved it. Most of them were terrified. But after a while they got used to it and people sort of became afraid because I was always telling the truth. But a deep sense of respect and friendship came out of it. Sure, I lost a lot of friends – so what? They –they were the friends of my social-self.

I fiercely believe in expressing myself as I am towards people so I can attract like-minded people. If I don’t express myself, we wouldn’t be able to make a connection and a valuable friendship is lost. If I can’t express my attraction towards an attractive woman maybe the woman of my life is going by and she slipped through my fingers. Maybe an extraordinary business opportunity passed by right as I was trying to pretend to be something smarted, better or more polite.If I’m myself, I’ll attract high quality people in my life. If I’m myself, I can live a life true to myself and my values. If I’m myself, I can go to bed at night and be proud of myself and say “This was a real day in my life.”

I kept opening up. Opening up. Expressing what I thought and felt, although I was afraid. I kept being myself and being incredibly vulnerable that sometimes my heart would shiver to the tension and awkwardness in the room. But then I would be ok – not only that, but proud of my courage, powerful and authentic. I was true to myself. And nobody killed me for that.

– Iulian Novac (TheRealMan.org)


I completed get real and I fucking loved it!! I definitely loved each part of it, but my favourite ones are about fear, attraction, acceptance and action, feelings, be powerful, freedom to and from as well as connection from be powerful course.

Talking about connection from be powerful week, I must admit it is fucking awesome!!!!. I understood why I struggled to build a proper connection with a women.The main reason that I had problems with connection was stupid competitive attitude!!.Few weeks ago, I met a lovely women.I deeply connected with her( I experienced one of the deepest connection ever). After getting more info about building connection from you , I realised that I was listening and feeling through during that amazing interaction!.

My life is a lot better right now, even divorce I am going through right now doesn’t effect me that much!(divorce and driving licence stuff keep me so busy that I didn’t have enough power and time to focus on be powerful week course).

– Damian Szura

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  1. What the fuck!!!!!


    In the Hip-Hop community ‘Real’ is as good as it gets, but I had been faker than wrestling due to fear. Its like living your life with your hand out waiting rather than taking anything you want anytime you want.

    Why did I lose my friends – Fakery
    Why did I attend school in Florida – Fakery
    Why do I feel like shit – Fakery
    Why haven’t I felt like myself in over 15 years – Fakery
    Why did those women leave – Fakery
    Why do some people try me and see me as a pushover – Fakery

    I finally know what ‘Real’ is and have seen why so many were attracted to me before my fake sabbatical.

    The old Anthony everyone loves is on his way back from Fake Town. Watch Out!!!! A lot of mother fuckers are gonna be upset, but they can go suck a fat dick with aids on the tip. I haven’t said that in years. Oh my God.

    If you’re ready for people to see and experience the real you take this course.

    Jesus Christ Leigh you must be a genius.

  • $1,195.00 $795.00

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