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What: Take Ownership of the frustrating and disappointing situations in your life by analysing how your thoughts, decisions, and actions contributed to those experiences and start the process eliminating them for good
How Long: 3, 7, or 14 days, depending on your level of commitment
Time Commitment: This challenge will take anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour per day
What you’ll get: A sense of power and control over your life by identifying simple changes you can make to take you towards your vision of your ideal life and a game plan for getting there
When: You can start this challenge whenever you’re ready to start building a remarkable life




How to rapidly accelerate your rate of growth

The single most significant change you will ever make on your journey of transforming your life is when you stop focussing on what other people have contributed to your less-than-remarkable life and start focusing EXCLUSIVELY on what you contributed.

Not giving equal weight to your contributions and the contributions of others or even focussing more attention on what you contributed whilst still acknowledging the contributions of others, the change happens when you start focussing EXCLUSIVELY on what you contributed to your less-than-stellar life.

This change happens for three reasons:

  1. Firstly, you stop wasting time on things you can’t control – other peoples’ thoughts, decisions, and actions. Devoting any time at all to these things by thinking about them, complaining about them, and trying to come up with strategies to change them, is a complete waste of time. Whilst it might make you temporarily feel better, no permanent solution can ever be found. When you stop focussing on things you can’t control, you can increase the amount of both mental space and time you have to devote to changing your life by as much as 1000%
  2. Secondly, focussing exclusively on what you contribute to your frustrating experience allows you to develop and implement a game plan that will eliminate these from your life forever. You won’t have to come up with strategies to deal with them every time they appear, you can cut their legs out from underneath them so you never even have to think about them, ever again
  3. Finally, you stop being a victim, even a partial victim, of the world around you. Your life stops being the result of the actions of others and it starts being a conscious creation of your choices. This sense of power and control over your destiny inspires you to continue to make more and more changes to your life and rapidly accelerates your progress.

If finding more mental space and time, eliminating your challenges from their core, and becoming the complete and sole creator of your life situation, life experience, and life trajectory sounds appealing to you, then you’re in the right place. This challenge will give you the foundations necessary to develop this mindset and gain all three of these benefits.

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  • Instructions on how to make this process simpler and easier

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  1. Become aware of your influence in the world


    I enjoyed the perspective this challenge gives. I had some notions of ownership, but I couldn’t see how it works in some aspects of my life. Committing 14 days to it in the Advanced mode was a great experience to see it in the areas I couldn’t perceive this.

    Before the challenge: I used to assume responsibilities that were out of my control in work and in social life. I felt almost 100% of the results I had in this areas were determined only by myself. In other areas, as free time, it was the opposite: I used to assume few responsibilities for my contributions. The result of this combination was that I was lost about where should I focus to make difference in my life. I got myself giving less importance to my free time and more importance to work and social life so I could maintain a better feeling of power in my life.

    During the challenge: I became more pragmatic to deal with several situations. I started focusing just on how could I contribute to the outcomes and paying less attention to other contributions. I started feeling more independent and real. I also started selecting more the people I wanted to relate and the subjects we talked about. There were times I felt I couldn’t deal with the tension to change subjects, or spaeking my truth to people, but I felt it was better doing what is right, what is my truth, so I found more space where I could be myself and turn down the volume of thoughts that distracted myself from what was right in the moment.

    After the challenge: I feel I’m in control of my destiny. I’m aware of where and how I can influence tasks in all my life to the outcomes I want. I’m more honest and real with people, but also more caring about them. This idea of the influence I can have in any situation makes me feel comfortable with myself. I’m also valuing more my free time, being more responsible and achieving more.

    A message that got clear in my mind was that the time I lose with not taking the right action towards the future I want to create can will never come back, it’s lost forever. Ownership challenge made me compromise even more to create the future I want to create. I really recommend it if you feel lost with the contribuitions you give to any situation in your life and are willing to make a change.

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