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What: The Self-Awareness Challenge involves spending a set period of time considering one simple and important question
How Long: This challenge runs for 7, 14, or 28 days, depending on the level of challenge you choose
Time Commitment: Depending on the level you commit to, your time commitment will be between 15 minutes and 1 hour per day
What you will get out of it: You will develop a deeper awareness of what’s truly important to you and what’s simply fluff that adds no value to your life
When: You can start the challenge whenever you’re ready to dive deeper and understand your true motivations and drives




If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. It’s a pretty obvious statement, but one that a lot of people don’t even consider before they start creating a remarkable life. They jump in head first and start building and creating and testing and trying before they’re even clear on where all the action is supposed to take them. They end up burning through their time, money, and most importantly, motivation with the only thing they have to show for it is a lot of mess.

On top of this, their lack of awareness of what’s truly significant means their actions are left feeling meaningless and pointless because they can’t tell whether or not they’re powering towards their life vision or they’re just running in a hamster wheel, spinning in the same spot as their precious hours drift away.

If you don’t want to end up wasting your precious time and motivation hammering away in 100 different directions without making any progress and want to transform even the simplest tasks into rewarding activities, you need to develop self-awareness. You need to become acutely aware of what you want and what’s truly important to you. You need to be able to sort through the constant bombardment of images and sounds attempting to convince you to buy this solution or that cure and identify what’s really necessary to experience a deep sense of fulfilment.

This is what the Self-Awareness Challenge will help you do. By the time you complete this challenge, you’ll have a deeper and more profound understanding of what you want and where you’re going in life. You’ll become one with your core desires and be able to separate the truly meaningful and important elements in your life from the noise, distraction, and fluff that’s so easy to be consumed by in our modern, media-driven world.

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  • Access to the challenge forum where you’ll be able to chat with others taking this course, learn from their mistakes, and share your journey
  • Instructions on how to make this process simpler and easier

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  1. Be aware of who you are


    I recomend this challenge if you haven’t done Design Your Destiny yet and are willing to know yourself better, focusing on who you really are. I had done DYD before the challenge and I think it had a bigger impact than this challenge for myself. I see that 3/4 of what you can discover in this challenge you will discover in DYD in a more pragmatic way, somehow with a different focus.

    This challenge made me take a step back from my life and analyse what are the drivers in all areas of my life. It’s really good if you want to be more conscious of who you are but don’t feel prepared to take action immediately.

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