Identify and eliminate the root-cause responsible for every unwanted challenge, issues, and roadblock in your entire life.

Stop wasting precious time, money, and energy on band-aid solutions by uncovering and healing the root cause of all your personal development challenges in one go


The personal development world’s obsession with surface-level diagnosis and solutions has been creating more problems than it solves since it started in the early 1970s.

Instead of helping you eliminate the root cause of your lack of confidence or crippling anxiety or caring way too much about what other people think, you’re given complex and often logically-flawed bandaids that don’t address the actual root of your issue, leaving you with no functional strategies for change, ESPECIALLY in the moment you need them. 

  • You’re told to fake confidence and hope that other people are polite enough to pretend not to notice
  • You’re told to ease your anxiety by smoking less, getting more exercise, and cutting back on caffeine, as if your smoking, lack of exercise, or coffee consumption were the root cause of your uncertainty about your life and your future
  • You’re told to repeat affirmations in the mirror every morning, in the hope they can erase 10 years of accumulated evidence that things are going to end badly
  • You’re told to just stop caring what other people think, as if you could somehow just flick a switch and turn off the conversations in your head

You’re handed magic-bullets, quick-fixes, and 5-minute solutions to challenges rooted in the deep psychological foundations of how you see, engage, and interact with the world, and promised that they’re the only answers you need. 

And when it doesn’t work, you’re told that you’re the problem. 

You’re just not working hard enough. You’re not meditating long enough. You’re not journaling with a clear intent. You haven’t reread the same chapters over and over again until you’ve ‘internalised’ a total stranger’s theories and beliefs structures formed over their entire life growing up in situations completely dissimilar to yours. 

You haven’t purchased the latest edition of the book with additional quick-fixes for those whose deep-seated psychological challenges are resistant to the magic bullets designed to cure all worldly pains, without being even remotely related to the root cause of they’re designed to solve. 

It’s not the advice… No, no. It’s your work ethic, commitment, and dedication.

This logically-flawed, poorly thought out, clearly inadequate game plan will not only cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but also rob you of your very precious and limited time on this earth. 

Instead of travelling the world, being inspired by incredible friends, building transformational companies, forming deep and profound connections, and taking on projects that change the lives of those less fortunate, you’re at home, in the dark, reading books and listening to podcasts while your ever-present problems simmer just below the surface, waiting for the worst possible moment to bubble over.

This is not the future any person should be living.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, you can see results. Sometimes, a solution will accidentally address one part of the root cause of an issue and you’ll see a slight reprieve from that constant white-noise of doubt buzzing in the background. 

But, as the solution barely touches one part of the root cause without giving you the self-awareness to consciously address it, that reprieve will fade and the pain and frustration will either spring back as soon as you step into a new environment or appear as a different, but equally frustrating problem in some other area of your life.

Just like a finger stuck in one hole of a colander, your problems will simply sprout off in a different direction, leaving you with the illusion of progress but no real gains to show for your hard work.

Until you get rid of the surface-level solutions, stop playing with the bandaids, stop relying on quick fixes and magic bullets, you’re going to spend the rest of your days dealing with the same problems over and over again and suffering the unnecessary pain, frustration, and disappointment of doing so.

How to escape personal development purgatory

To live the life you’ve always desired, to break free from your psychological shackles, to find the courage to move forward on your terms and experience the wonders the world has to offer, you have to dig deep. 

You can’t spend your days and weeks and years jumping from one quick-fix to another, dabbling in the newly designed and cleverly named, recent release from the next up and coming guru. 

You need to get rid of all the slickly marketed, over-hyped, quick-fix tricks and tactics and look deep into your core. You need to dive deep into the heart of the psychological limitations responsible for your unwanted challenges, issues, and barriers and heal them from the centre.

You need to identify and transform your Script.

THIS is the core of all your challenges

Your Script is the core-level psychological process running in the background of every part of every moment of your entire internal world. 

  • It’s the basic framework you use to observe the world around you — choosing to include and exclude information based on how relevant it is to your life
  • You use it to interpret the flood of information coming in through your senses — creating meaning and significance from the otherwise random flood of information hitting your senses
  • You use it to make decisions about how to move forward — picking and choosing between the millions of different options as you navigate the complexities of your life
  • You use it to take action — putting your plans into action and attempting to create your vision. 

It’s the basis of everything that happens in your internal world and you can never turn it off.

How Your Script Controls Your Life

Your Script determines every thought, decisions, actions, and emotions because it’s the basic framework you use for getting what you want in life. It’s the (largely unconscious) background process you follow to fulfil your desires.

It works like this:

In every moment, there is something you want. You have a need or desire that’s calling out to be fulfilled. You might not be consciously aware of your desire or be able to see it’s impact on every decision and action in your life, but it’s bubbling away in the background.

  • Your desire might appear in your life as the need for more sleep as the alarm buzzes in your ear
  • It might appear as wanting to block out the world and have everyone leave you alone
  • Maybe it’s a deep and unconscious need to have someone say some nice and reassuring words
  • It could manifest itself as an obsession to achieve a certain goal or win a competition

Whatever it is, there’s a desire running in the background of every moment of your life that’s pushing you forward.

BUT… Not only does your world leap from one desire to the next, but you also have a plan for fulfilling those desires. You’re cunning and clever and have a scheme for getting what you want. 

Once again, you might not be consciously aware of your plan or have a logical process to follow, but there is a strategy lodged somewhere inside that beautiful brain of yours and you’re putting it into action in every moment of your day. 

  • Your plan could be to use your headphones or a large hooded jacket to block out any unwanted interaction with the world or you might just choose to hide in a cave and eliminate any possibility of meeting others
  • Your plan could be to toss out compliments like candy at a kids party and hope that someone decides to return the favour or you could spend all your money on high-end designer clothes and hope people fawn in admiration
  • Your plan could be to take steroids and human growth hormone to beat your competition to a pulp or you could become a master tactician capable of out-maneuvering even the sharpest minds

Your desires and your plans for fulfilling them determine what you pay attention to and what you can safely ignore, the thoughts and decisions you make based on that information, and the actions you take based on your decisions. 

Your desires and plans for fulfilling them combined together make up your Script.

This is how your Script controls every part of the crazy mental processes bouncing around in your head — by encapsulating your core desires and your plans for fulfilling them.

But, your Script doesn’t only determine what you think and what you do. It also determines what gets in your way. 

The Root Cause of Every Life Challenge

Your life challenges don’t just appear out of nowhere. You don’t just wake up and decide one day to be needy or insecure or more anxious than is humanly possible. They appear for a reason. 

And that reason is your Script.

Every barrier that exists in your world only exists because it’s standing between you and fulfilling your desired experience. 

  • If you care too much about what other people think, it’s because your Script dictates that other people’s opinions are an important part of your plan for fulfilling your desire
  • If you lack confidence, it’s because your Script contains elements outside your control which leave you doubting your ability to fulfil your desire
  • If you are insecure about some physical or psychological trait, it’s because your Script dictates that getting the approval from others is an important part of your plan for fulfilling your desire and you think these traits might prevent that from happening
  • If you struggle to stand up for yourself, it’s because your Script dictates that causing confrontation will negatively impact your ability to fulfil your desire
  • If your anxiety bubbles rapidly to the surface at inappropriate moments, it’s because your Script leaves you without the ability to guarantee success in an important activity and the potential for failure leaves you in fear

These unwanted problems, challenges, and issues are created by the pathway you’re following to fulfil your desires. And just like I said before, that pathway is determined by your Script.

But if that wasn’t enough, your Script also determines your life experience for the vast majority of your day.

The root cause of your frustrations

Just like with your life challenge and problems, your frustrating and disappointing life experiences don’t just appear out of nowhere. You don’t just wake up and decide to be miserable and you’re not just handed a ‘sad brain’ by an uncaring universe. 

Your negative life experiences exist because you’re failing to fulfil your desires. 

  • If you’re able to fulfil your desires (ie. get the things you want, when you want them), you’ll experience a positive emotion (happiness, fulfilment, significance, etc…)
  • If you’re unable to fulfil your desires (ie. fail to get the things you want, when you want them), you’ll experience a negative emotion (frustrating, disappointment, anger, etc…).

While there are many, many different factors that determine whether or not you fulfil your desires, the main driving factor is how you’re trying to fulfil them. 

  • Trying to make friends by handing out unwarranted praise to people you have nothing in common with presents a different set of challenges to building deep and real bonds with people who share your passions and desires
  • Trying to feel in control of your life by watching porn and playing computer games presents a different set of challenges to creating a comprehensive plan of the life you want to live and challenging yourself to take steps forward every day
  • Trying to find fulfilment following a life plan laid out by your parents rather than pursuing a meaningful profession based on what you inherently care about presents a different set of challenges

The pathway you’re following to fulfil your desires is the primary reason why you succeed and fail and therefore, the primary reason why you experience positive or negative emotions.

In other words, the main thing determining whether you experience a positive or negative emotion is your Script.

Your Script is the cause of, and solution to, everything

In case it’s not clear — your entire life experience, life situation, and life trajectory is driven by your Script. 

Every problem. 

Every challenge. 

Every issue. 

Every barrier. 

Every roadblock. 

Every pain. 

Every frustration. 

Every doubt. 

Every limitation. 

Every wall. 

Every lingering negative belief that sabotages you at the last minute.

Every sneer that cuts to your core.

Every ‘No’ that shatters your dreams and hopes.

In every moment. 

In every situation. 


This is why you’re anxious. This is why you lack confidence. This is why you care what people think. This is why you’re insecure. This is why you seek approval. This is why you doubt yourself. This is why you lack courage. This is why you have limiting beliefs. This is why you fear change and can’t commit. 

This is why you suffer and are frustrated and feel trapped by a constant assault from your internal world.

Your Script — your core desires and the pathway you follow to try and fulfill them — is the root cause to every problem, challenge, and issue in every moment of your entire life and until you identify and transform it to something that allows you to fulfil your desires regardless of what they world demands as payment, you will continue to face these very same problems over and over and over and over again.

I know this because I’ve lived this

My life started on the wrong foot, and then went downhill from there. 

I was one of four kids raised by a single mother in the noisy, dense, cold and overcrowded inner-city suburbs of Sydney, Australia. We were homeless when I was young and were only able to escape the fear and uncertainty of never knowing where you’ll sleep when we ascended to the lofty and luxurious heights of government housing. 

My mum tried her hardest to give us everything we needed, but four kids being raised on a single income by a mum working 50+ hours a week to make ends meet, meant that something had to give. 

And in our case, that ‘something’ was basically everything. 

Sure, we had enough food to make it through most weeks, but knowing that running out of things to eat was a real possibility kept me in a constant state of panic. 

Sure, I had enough clothes to make it through the school week, but facing up to the well-dressed kids on the train to school in my third and fourth generation hand-me-downs made me ashamed and unable to look them in the eye. 

Sure, my mum provided the basic essentials of life, but trying to divide her precious out-of-work hours between 4 kids and an attempt at a social life meant that I never felt loved or significant. 

We survived, but that was it. I knew, standing in a circle of my classmates, that I was at the bottom of the pack and the best I could hope for was not drawing too much attention to myself. 

And then things went downhill from there. 

By the time I hit high school, it had become crystal clear that I wasn’t like other kids. I don’t know why or how this happened, but the young man I’d grown into just didn’t fit with the rest of the crowd. 

I didn’t want to talk about the same things they did. I didn’t want to do what they wanted to do. I stood in a school of more than 1,000 kids and felt desperately alone in every minute of the day. 

I tried my best to fit in. I really did. I logically tried to analyse what the cool kids were doing and saying and wearing and tried to copy them as best I could. I talked about football and ‘chicks’ and how cool it was to get in fights. I tried my best to impress those I deemed to be more worthy of love and attention than me by acting tough and pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

Sometimes it worked and they laughed at my jokes and stories. Sometimes it didn’t and they looked at me with a mixture of confusion and disgust. But, whatever the outcome, I still felt alone and powerless to do anything about it, lost in the bleak and desolate landscape of my childhood. 

My internal world was a train wreck

Unsurprisingly, I grew up as an anxious and scared kid. I felt like I was constantly riding a knife’s edge, one wrong step away from plugging into a deep and dark ravine where the worst of my fears were waiting to tear my fragile mental state to shreds.   

This left me with a list of issues that read like a psychologists diagnostic manual.

First of all, I was constantly stuck in my head trying to work out how I needed to act and what kind of person I needed to be to get people to like me. I craved the approval of those around me so deeply that I was willing to sell my dignity to get it. I would pretend and fake and mimic and whatever else I needed to do to get a smile and the most insignificant of praises.

This left me being deeply inauthentic, obsessively needy, and totally dependent on the emotional whims of others.

This complete lack of control over my own emotional state and a history of failing miserably to get anyone to like me left me with zero confidence and even less courage to take on the challenges I faced every day when I crawled out of bed. 

Even the thought of trying to step into the familiar situations of school and regular social settings dropped a crushing weight onto fragile shoulders and made me want to run and hide.

But, you can only run and hide for so long, and when I was forced from the safety of my bedroom into the real world, the familiar gut-wrenching, debilitating, overwhelming social anxiety would bubble up from the depths of my psyche and consume my entire reality. 

It was so all-encompassing at times that I would lose even the small amount of social ability I’d developed over my 18 years. My arms would tingle, I’d get the weird chatter in my teeth, I’d lose track of my thoughts and struggle to follow the thread of a conversation. I’d jump at any sudden noises and take even simple jokes as deep psychological gouges.

I was fucked, from head to toe, morning to night, every day of the week and in every situation.

Finding the solution… Or not.

This dark, scary, downward spiral collapsed in on itself one rainy Wednesday lunch time when I found myself running in fear from a classroom lunch with guys I’d known for three years.

The anxiety and terror of sitting in a room and trying to maintain a normal conversation with a group I had a reasonable amount in common with and who even tolerated my presence more than anyone else in my life was too much to bear. 

So, I did what any normal terrified, insecure, unimaginably anxious person would do and ran down the hallway to eat my lunch in the bathroom cubicles to avoid looking like an idiot in front of the only people who had any patience for my neediness. 

I was 19 years old and that was my life. 

That moment turned out to be pivotal in more ways than one. Not only did I learn that from the graffiti on the back of the stall door that  I could call Tiffany if I wanted sexy fun times, but I also decided that that very moment, sitting on the flimsy plastic seat under the cold white of the fluorescent lights, was the last time I was going to live my life like that. I decided that this was the moment I was going to take control.

When I first dipped my toes into the tropical waters of the personal development world in search of a solution, I was filled with hope for a better life.

Images of smiling faces pumping their fists in the air and stomping across hot coals as proof they’d conquered their deep and dark demons filled me with hope that there was an easily accessible solution to my miserable existence. 

I was convinced I’d finally found a way to break free from my anxiety and doubt and insecurities that had crushed my dreams and weighed down on my soul for more years I could count. 

I could finally start to explore the simple pleasures that the world takes for granted:

  • Sitting peacefully in a group of friends without worrying I was going to ruin the situation
  • Going to crowded public places without being terrified that I would accidentally receive any kind of attention
  • Holding simple conversations with strangers without pretending I wasn’t panicked with anxiety
  • Pursuing my weird interests in bizarre activities without continually questioning what other people would think
  • Finding the strength to walk away from toxic friends knowing that I could find others who like me for who I was rather than just what I did for them.

My wildly optimistic enthusiasm lasted only a few chapters into the first “fool-proof solution”.

  • “You just have to fake it and it will eventually become part of your personality…”
  • “If you tell yourself these same things over and over again, eventually you’ll believe them — even if they’re not true right now, they’ll become true.”
  • “When your chakras are all aligned it allows the energy of the universe to flow through your… (I couldn’t even finish the sentence)”

It was all just nonsense. Pure nonsense. I’d spent my entire life pretending to be someone I wasn’t to get the smallest amount of approval from people who barely tolerated me and the answer to my problems was to just get better at pretending?

My world was filled with dark shadows and a desperate need for any faint light of hope, but even I could see this was never going to throw open the shutters and fill my life with sunshine.

Don’t get me wrong; I still tried them. I still gave it a shot. After all, even if it looked like bullshit and smelt like bullshit, it was still the only bullshit I had. So I tried. 

I practised my positive beliefs before I left the house and threw myself into panic-inducing situations to try and force my smiles through the terror building inside. I practised my new form of faking and pretending and gave it everything I could. 

The only thing that came back my way was confused stares trying to work out why I was acting like such a weirdo.

It turns out these solutions weren’t “fool-proof” enough for this fool 🙂

Solution 2 turned out to be just as useless, as did 3, 4, 5… 10, 11, 12. It was all just the same: surface-level solutions to the surface-level issues without anyone pausing to look beyond the layers. 

I read and listened and watched and asked and read and watched and listened some more. I bought books, tuned into webinars, subscribed to courses, paid for personal coaching sessions and challenged myself to try at least one new ‘solution’ every week.

I learnt to push myself harder than I ever thought possible. I also learnt that pushing yourself harder than you thought possible doesn’t guarantee results… 

I was still the same miserable, frustrated, insecure little boy trying to pretend to be a grownup in a world that didn’t need or want anything I had to offer.

A real solution

It was clear that none of the ‘guaranteed’ solutions currently being sold were going to give me the life I wanted so I decided to take matters into my own hands. After all, it wasn’t like I was going to do any worse!  

Instead of looking outwards at how to better pretend, instead of improving my ability to be someone I wasn’t, instead of getting better at asking the universe to provide for me, I turned my attention inwards. 

I decided to look deep into my soul, find the internal cause of my limited life, and create the solution I needed. 

I asked myself confronting questions about my personal shortcomings and gave brutally honest answers. I challenged all the bullshit stories I’d told myself over the years and forced myself to be uncompromisingly real. I owned up to how I tried to use and manipulate others into providing the certainty and comfort I craved and committed to removing it from my life.

It was soul-crushing, devastating, and powerful. And it was only the start.

For months, I threw myself into the scariest, toughest, and most gut-wrenching situations I could find — situations that made my anxiety spike, my pulse race, and my palms sweat — and paid deep and detailed attention to sometimes-incoherent ramblings in my brain. 

  • I sat alone in busy public spaces so I could hear my internal thoughts
  • I signed up for, and attended events, I knew I was never going to be able to endure to find out which specific parts triggered the most anxiety
  • I forced myself to have honest conversations with total strangers in confined spaces just so I could observe the exact moment my brain kicked into overdrive and my pulse started to race

I threw myself into the most emotionally challenging situations I could find to look deep into my soul and find the core of my frustrations, problems, and challenges. 

It was brutal, tough, soul-destroying — and I just kept going. If there was anything I was good at, it was creating pain and misery in my life so while it was tough, it actually wasn’t that far from my everyday existence! 

As I repeated this process over months and years, patterns started to appear. I started to notice consistencies throughout my processes. From there, I dug ever deeper asking ‘Why?’ and being brutally honest with myself. 

I challenged every answer and logical inconsistency in what I found until I discovered my Script (though I wouldn’t call it this for at least another 10 years), could identify the problems, issues, and challenges it created, and worked how to remove them all from the core. 

Coming out the other side

The change in my life was… I don’t know. It’s really hard to put into words. 

Until you’ve spent years dwelling in the darkest corners of your mind, suffocating under the intense pressure of a world that feels like it’s assaulting your emotions every time you venture outside your bedroom door, it’s impossible to describe what it’s like to have that weight lifted from your overworked shoulders. 

But even that isn’t an accurate description because it’s not so much having that weight lifted from your mind, as that implies that someone or something else removed the pain. But it wasn’t anyone else, it was me. I wasn’t dependent on someone or something else (like I had been my entire life), I had the strength to not only toss that weight aside like an unnecessary blanket on a warm summer’s night. 

It was me. I had the strength. I was in control. Not the fears or doubts or insecurities or the whims and wants of those I so desperately clung to, it was me. I was in charge of my life and in control of my future. 

That was when I started to take control. 

The start was gentle — I was able to start conversations with other members of my local social anxiety group and was even able to maintain a basic conversation with a complete stranger — but quickly escalated. 

  • I found the confidence to look people in the eye when we were talking
  • I had the strength to disagree with their views and share my own
  • I discovered the internal fortitude to be able to hear the word ‘No’ and not crumble into a mess
  • I developed the courage to try new things with unfamiliar people in strange locations 
  • I was able to openly and casually discuss my insecurities in a public forum without hiding in shame

Don’t get me wrong: it didn’t just happen overnight and then permanently replace my years of being stuck in my head desperately trying to gain some sliver of external validation when there was really nothing worth validating. 

But, the more I committed and practised eliminating the root cause of my problems, the more a regular fixture it became in my life. 

I started being able to attend social gatherings at first, in a group of people I knew with a few strangers, then, with just one of two people I knew and a lot of strangers, and then eventually, on my own with the confidence that I could talk to others and make friends without caring if they didn’t like me.

I started sharing myself more openly in conversations, first with friends, then with those who were paid to be polite (like store clerks and promotional staff), and eventually with total strangers who had no vested in my happiness, finding some deep and profound connections in places I never thought possible (alongside the strange looks I received from those who obviously didn’t care about what I had to say).

I started to move away from the life plan laid out by those who have no insight into my desires and passions and forged my own path, first, by becoming a dating and relationship coach, then by learning to make money online, then finally, being able to live anywhere in the world while building empowering companies that provide real value to people’s lives.  

But most importantly of all, I felt free. 

For the first time in my life, my entire day wasn’t consumed with ducking and dodging the psychological threats born from my dependence on a world on which I was unfairly placing responsibility for my emotional state. The darkness and shadow had lifted from my life and an ocean of possibility opened before me. 

I was no longer a slave to my dysfunctional brain. I was in control of my life and my future and nothing was going to stand in my way.

But I’m not the only one

This journey wasn’t one I walked alone. I was lucky to be surrounded by others who shared my pain and misery and were as committed to finding a pathway forward. 

The first to join me were those from my social anxiety group. When they started to see my rapid transformation, they began to ask questions. 

When those questions stretch beyond our weekly outings, we started chatting via email. When too many joined that email thread and my inbox became flooded, we transitioned to a Google Group. When the Google Group had too many active threads, we created a forum. 

Consistent questions got answered as blog posts and when we had enough to outline the fundamentals of what we believed, we pasted them together into my first ever book.

That book became the foundation of presentations, a few workshops, another book, and eventually, what you now enjoy as Life Operating System. 

It’s hard to wrap my head around, but in the 20 years since I set out to find a real solution to the pain and frustration that had plagued my life for as long as I could remember, I’ve had the honour of being able to guide millions through my websites and have personally helped thousands find the strength, courage, significance, freedom, and deep connections that come when you heal the core of your issues and are able to move forward with the life you’ve always dream of.

If you’re ready to take control of your life…

The life you have today doesn’t need to be your existence for the next 25 years. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be the life you live for the next month.

You don’t need to be stuck in your head wondering what everyone is thinking. 

You don’t need to tremble with anxiety every time the spotlight of social attention shines your way.

You don’t need to let opportunity after opportunity pass you by because you lack the courage to step forward.

You don’t need to waste your precious hours on this earth with pointless distractions because you lack the motivation to take action.

You don’t need to burn through hours replaying past events over and over, wondering what might have been if you’d had the courage, knowledge, or foresight to do things differently.

And you don’t suffer through the additional indignity of paying crazy amounts of money for ‘guaranteed’ solutions that do nothing other than reinforce the core of your limited life and give you no tangible benefit in return.

It’s possible to break free, to find your strength, to rip out the root cause of every unwanted challenge and issue and barrier and become the kind of person you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

You can become strong. You can be free. You can be powerful and desirable alive. You can experience deep connections from the most unlikely of places. You can reach well beyond any potential limit you’ve ever set for yourself and your life. 

And you don’t need to waste the next 18 years trying to deal with every single one of your limiting symptoms to do so.

You can heal every single one of your challenges and problems from their root core and start to experience the freedom that can only come when you’re in complete control of every moment of your life. 

All you need to do is stop playing with the quick-fix tricks and tactics, the 5-minute wonder solutions, the patchwork of logically-flawed bandaids, and dig right down deep and Uncover Your Core.

What Is Uncover Your Core?

Uncover Your Core is a 10 module deep-dive into the root cause of not only every frustration, disappointment, pain, and issue, but also every psychological limitation you face — your Script. 

It uses a combination of theory articles, written exercises, physical activities, and a support forum to guide you deep into your unconscious, helping you clearly see the patterns and systems driving every unwanted challenge, issue, and problem in your entire life, before giving you the tools and framework necessary to remove them from your life for good.

By the time you complete the 10 modules, your eyes will be opened, you’ll look at your life and your world in a totally different way, the problems and challenges you’ve been addicted to for so long will start to feel empty and meaningless, and you’ll discover a new-found ability to start to take your life in a new direction.

If you’re ready to break free, to throw off the psychological shackles, to break your dependence on an uncaring world and become the true master of your reality, then join us in Uncover Your Core. 

How does Uncover Your Core work?

Uncover Your Core takes a structured and layered approach to gradually guide you into the depths of your unconscious. 

It uses a series of articles, written exercises, and physical activities over the 10 module program to peel back the layers, unlock the hidden patterns and processes responsible for your pain and frustration, and then open your eyes to a world of possibility by exposing the simple solution. 

Here is the progression you’ll work through:

Module 1: The Entry Point

Module 1 is an easy introduction into the process of digging beneath your layers. It starts with a simple and easy identification of the problems and challenges you face in your day to day life. 

These challenges are the easiest access point to your unconscious mind and so identifying these challenges will make it easy to dive deep into your brain.

This is the simplest and easiest of the 10 modules in the program and by the end, you’ll have a big-picture perspective on the challenges you’re facing that will make the analysis later in the program easy, simple, and fast.

Module 2: Challenge Breakdown 1

Module 2 is where you’ll start the analysis. You’ll choose one challenge from your list and then break down that challenge into it’s individual components and elements, giving you a complete birds-eye view of the situation. 

This is one of the two modules in the program that will require significant work to complete. You’ll need to spend at least half an hour completing your analysis, but as that analysis will form the foundation of the rest of the program, it will be half an hour well spent.

This step is critical as our future analysis will be based on very specific elements within your challenging life situations and this work will ensure you can easily access those elements.

Module 3: Script Identification 1

Module 3 is where you’ll identify the first of the four foundation elements of your Script. You’ll comb through the analysis work you’ve already completed, using our structured framework to determine the first critical element in understanding the core of every frustration and pain in your life. 

This is one of the shortest and easiest modules in the entire program, but don’t mistake it for being unnecessary. This step is critical to being able to see what’s happening below the surface and will make the subsequent explorations much simpler and easier.

Module 4: Challenge Breakdown 1 v2

Module 4 is another breakdown module, but this time, with a little twist. You’re going to focus on the same situation you analysed in module 2, but break it down in a completely different way. You’ll focus on a different set of elements and issues, giving you a new set of insights that were previously hidden from your conscious mind. 

This is the second (and last) module that requires significant work on your behalf. It will take roughly half an hour to complete but will form the basis of the analysis.

Module 5: Script Identification 2

Module 5 is where you’ll identify the second element of the four elements of your Script. You’ll use the analysis completed in the previous module to dive deeper into your unconscious, exposing your core desires and shedding light onto what you’ve been trying to achieve in almost every moment of your life. 

As with the previous modules, this is a shorter module as it builds off the hard work you’ve already done, but once again, don’t mistake this for meaningless. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to clearly and confidently state “THIS is my core desire.” 

If you’ve been wondering where your life is headed and what you really want, this module will open your eyes wide.

Module 6: Script Identification 3

Now that you’ve identified the first two elements of your Script, we can jump straight into the third. 

In Module 6, you’ll use the work you’ve completed in the 4 to identify critical elements within your desire that provide insight into your life frustrations challenges. 

This module is longer than most as this step in the analysis process is more complex than others, but completing this will give you a critical insight into the nature of your challenges. 

This will show you one of the core elements that are responsible for the challenges you’re facing in your life.

Module 7: Script Identification 4

We’re on a roll and there’s no point in slowing down. Module 7 is where you’ll identify the final element of your Script. We’ll use the work completed way back in Module 2 to locate the final element of your Script and give you a complete picture of the unconscious process controlling every thought, decision, action, and emotion, as well as every unnecessarily frustrating and challenging situation in your entire life.

Module 8: Opening your eyes

For the previous 7 modules, you’ve simply been analysing one frustrating situation but Module 8 is where we expand this process and help you see just how common this process is in the rest of your life.

You’ll have the chance to look at other issues, problems, and frustrations and reinforce the Script identification process to get a complete understanding of just how widespread your Script is.

Module 9: This is the problem

Module 9 is where you’ll analyse the specific elements in your Script to identify which parts are really responsible for your life frustrations and which ones are positive and beneficial. You’ll break down the individual components of your Script and process them through a filter that identifies inherent challenges so that you’re 100% clear on what needs to change.

Module 10: This is the solution

Module 10 is the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s where you get the solution.

This is where you’ll get the theoretical framework for identifying the changes necessary in your Script to start removing the core of every challenge, issue, and problem in your life. On top of that, you’ll also get the step-by-step process for implementing that change as the tough and confronting issues in your life appear.

By the end of this module, you will not only have identified what needs to change, but started the process of implementing those changes so the core of your challenges and issues has started to vanish.

Component Breakdown

To make sure you take big strides towards the life you’re dreaming of, each module is broken into four component. 

Section 1: Theory

The first component of each module is to a theoretical element. It will give you the theoretical underpinnings to ensure you have enough information to understand the importance of the module, why it’s critical for transforming your life, and how to implement these ideas in your life.

In some modules, this may only be a few lines. In the later modules (specifically 9 and 10), it’s a few thousand words. But, however long it is, there’s just enough to make sure you can do what you need to do without overwhelming you with unnecessary text.

Section 2: Exercises

Theoretical knowledge can be fun to acquire, but until you apply that theoretical knowledge to your life and your life challenges, it will provide exactly zero benefit. To ensure you don’t just learn some new logical information, but that you apply that new logical information to your challenges, each module has a written exercise. 

These written exercises will help you take what you’ve learnt and analyse your challenges based on that new information to give you a new depth to your understanding of your world.

Section 3: Activities

Being able to observe and analyse your unconscious patterns in hindsight from the safety of your bedroom is great, but that’s not where your challenges and issues exist. They exist in the real world and if you’re ever going to heal your issues from the core, you need to be able to observe and interrupt them as they’re happening. 

To ensure you can do this, each module has a physical activity designed to help you take the theory and apply it to your real life situations and challenges. You’ll be instructed on how and when to perform your new analysis as you live your life so you can start the process of overcoming your issues in real-time, as they appear.

Section 4: Support

Uncover Your Core is a linear process where the subsequent modules build on the previous modules. This means that in order to get maximum value from the program, each module needs to be completed to sufficient depth before you move onto the next module. 

To ensure you’ve completed each module sufficiently, you need to post the results of your written exercises and physical activities on the Uncover Your Core forum. Once you’ve done that, our coaches will be able to review your work and ensure you’re on the right track.

If there are any changes necessary, we’ll be able to identify then and communicate with you to make sure that by the time you’ve completed Uncover Your Core, you’ll be able to clearly see the core limitation responsible for every problem and challenge in your life and have started the process of eliminating it for good.


100% Money back AND results guarantee

As with every product, article, and course on LifeOS, we fully stand behind the power of what we’re offering with Uncover Your Core

We guarantee that if you do the work and follow the instructions, you will find the root core issue responsible for every unwanted challenge in your entire life and start the process for removing it for good. This is 100% guaranteed. 

If, for some reason, my instructions aren’t clear enough and the processes and structures just aren’t effective for you, there are two steps we will take to fix this situation.

Guarantee 1: 100% Money Back Guarantee

The first thing we’ll do is refund your entire purchase price. You didn’t pay to attend the course, you paid to get results and if you’ve done the work and followed the instructions and still haven’t gotten the results we promised, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund of your entire purchase price.

All you’ll need to do is email me letting you know that it hasn’t worked for you and we’ll process your refund. 

Guarantee 2: 100% Results Guarantee

Not only will you get your money back, but you’ll get the support you need to get the results you signed up for. 

When I said that we guarantee results, I meant it. That means that AFTER we’ve processed your full refund, one of our coaches will continue to work with you through your exercises and activities to help you identify the root cause of every unwanted challenge in your life and start you on the process of eliminating it for good.

You signed up for results and we’re going to make sure you get them.


As you can probably guess, diving deep into your unconscious to identify the psychological patterns driving your entire existence can be a little challenging, ESPECIALLY if you’ve never undertaken this kind of work. 

To ensure that every participant of Uncover Your Core gets the clarity they need to start reshaping their entire reality, we limit the number of active participants. This allows our coaching team to give each participant the time and attention they need to get the results you signed up for. 

The exact number of active participants varies based on the individual needs of each person in the course, but if our coaching staff hits their limit, we will shut the program down to new applicants until the current participants are sailing along smoothly.

If you’re able to see the signup button on the right-hand side, it means that places are currently open in Uncover Your Core, but I cannot guarantee when we will close them down. It’s impossible to say who will sign up, when they will signup, and how much support they need to start creating the life they want.

I can also not guarantee how long Uncover Your Core will remain closed for once we reach our Capacity. Each participant’s journey is individual and will take however much time they need. 

This means that if you’re ready to eliminate the continual battle with your life challenges, you need to join Uncover Your Core now. 

If you’re ready to start living your life

Uncover Your Core is your chance to stop suffering, to stop wasting time, to stop throwing money at temporary quick-fixes and actually start to see real and significant change in your life. 

It’s an opportunity to let go of the crippling insecurities and lingering doubts about your life and your future and move forward with strength and confidence. 

It’s a space where you can finally find the real and long term solution to your anxiety and fear and find the freedom to live your life on your terms. 

You’re going to develop a deep and profound connection to your wants and desires, clearly see the core elements standing in the way of the life you’ve dreamed of, and find the solution to set yourself free.

The life you’ve always dreamed about is waiting for you. It’s sitting there, within your grasp, and the only thing preventing you from stepping into that world is that you’ve been wasting your time, energy, and money on surface-level solutions to surface-level problems without getting to the root cause of your issues. 

If you’re ready to break out of the needless cycle of problem after problem, continually weighing your down and something and something, it’s time to Uncover Your Core. 

See you on the inside,




P.S. The most common question…

I often get asked “If these surface-level solutions are so ineffective, why are others still talking about them?”

The truth is, I don’t know. 

Maybe it’s because you can get some results, some of the time, if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a surface-level solution that accidentally touches on one part of your core issue. 

Maybe it’s because no-one is willing to ask the tough questions and give honest answers. 

Maybe it’s because people have bought into the idea that life is suffering and the only true way to transcend this suffering is to leave this earth for some place better. 

Maybe it’s because no-one has the courage to look the emperor in the eye and tell him that he has no clothes.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because there’s some secret pact that’s been made to keep the industry cycling through the billions of dollars per year necessary to keep their half-lizard, half-human overlords at bay 🙂

I honestly don’t know. 

All I can say with certainty is that I’ve looked for other solutions. I’ve read and watched and listened and put aside my doubts about the logical holes in the theories and tried and tested and given 100% of everything I could muster in the pursuit of a better life, and I still wound up at the same spot — except a few dollars lighter and with less belief that I could change. 

I still woke up anxious and miserable. I still couldn’t look people in the eye. I still cared about what other people thought and their opinions still mattered far more than they should to anyone.

I still suffered through all the same problems and frustrations I was promised would evaporate if I just followed their 9-step program.

And it wasn’t until I got really honest, looked deep inside, discovered the root cause of every issue and challenge and miserable fucking moment of my entire life, and worked to fix THAT, that I was able to let go and create the life I want. 

That’s all I can honestly tell you. 

It makes no sense to me why others keep focussing on the surface level and I can tell you that it makes no sense to anyone else who has discovered their core limitation. 

I can’t say for sure if you’ll be convinced that this whole happiness thing is far simpler and easier than everyone seems to make it out to be, but if you’re anything like everyone else who’s been through Uncover Your Core, I can promise you that you’re in for an eye-opening ride.

If you’re ready to get off that miserable train, to stop banging your head up against the same wall over and over again, come and join our community. 

If you don’t find the solution you need to transform your entire life, I’ll not only give you a full and immediate refund, but also work with you for free for as long as you need to find the core of your problems for good.

There’s literally no way to lose from this and so, so, so many ways to win. 

So, come join us and find the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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  1. Really recommend it to go deep in your daily experiences to remove what's holding you back


    Before the course: I was familiar with LifeOS main concepts to change life experience, but I was feeling I was stagnated, facing same issues for some time. I was looking for a way to go beyond this limitations because deep inside I knew I had more potential to unlock in my life.

    During the course: I got suprised on how I was missing the point of really bringing context to my actions in my day to really understand then and my deep motivations. I got a little scared in the first modules on how I was not being fully honest with myself as I though I was. After it, each module opened a door of possibilities to expand or change my experiences.

    After the course: I’m feeling connected to the reality, like I can check each bad experience I have and discover what I need to change to achieve my goals. I brought this exercise to my life several times during the day and now I have a clear path on what I need to change and do to achieve my goals.

    I really recommend to go as deep as you can on it, because you get surprised on how much complexity you can left behind in your life!

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