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A Spin on Leigh’s Focus Challenge – Turning Something Into Nothing

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    I bought a book How Enlightenment Changes Your Brian some years ago and scrolled through it again and found an interesting Zen meditation – staring at a white sheet of paper until it disappears.


    • Effective at interrupting inner speech and making worldy sensations fade away.
    • Reduced anxiety, stress and improves emotional regulation
    • Can trigger insight
    • It trains one to become more optimistic by ignoring worrisome thoughts caused by increased activity in frontal lobe
    • Lowers reactions to fears worries and doubts

    Im applying the advanced criteria for the this: 28 days 20 minutes  twice a day. Hour meditation twice a week.


    1. Seems like it’ll help similarly to the guided meditation. I’ve done it a few times, I’ll see what a more intense commitment brings.  Will start tomorrow.
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    Day 1 complete.




    Sounds interesting. Let us know how it goes.



    Everything was going extremely well. I was in my body  breathing deeply smiling not really thinking about anything. I have to restart because I was locked out my apartment the last two days.

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