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    This coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on my mind and body. I read endgame and it helped me out of my depression and I felt like I was at the top of the world in 2019.

    Later, COViD happened while I was taking college courses and my life was put on hold. I couldn’t get out of the house to the office, the gym, the  library, the movies, nor travel anywhere and make new connections. So here’s what happened:

    1- I gained 20 pounds and I lost all my muscle gained.

    2-I failed most of my classes this past year and I have to retake them…8 grand down the toilet.

    3- My job is on the verge of barely surviving and it helped me realize that my boss is a clown and an exploiter. I’m quitting as soon as I can.

    4- I dated a girl all throughout the pandemic and then I broke her heart because I didn’t feel ready for marriage and I still wanted to travel and get financially stable. Karma got me back.

    5- I’m balding.

    I don’t know what to do. I understand that suffering is optional but all of this has made my life a hell and I would like to hear from this amazing community that I have known about since pre-COViD but I’ve been afraid to ask because I feel weak, out of touch with myself, broke, and single.


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    I think a lot of people went through similar trails and tribulations.

    I gained 30 lbs. I was hitting new personal bests – 420 deadlift, 320, bench, etc. Like myself and others, you can get back in the gym. I’ve been in the gym ever since they opened. My abs disappeared and when I started my yoga practice again, I felt fat rolls when I performed certain poses.

    My laptop broke. I lost over 100 pages to a book and about 30 to another. I’ve got over 100 pages to my basketball novel now.

    Luckily I got fired from my job. My boss dislike me and treated me badly after talking to upper management about me. I was able to use that time to write.

    I’m sorry you weren’t ready to settle down and your balding situation. Sorry about the $8,000.00. too. Can you get a refund due to the pandemic?

    I would say stay positive and move forward and take action. It seems like you have barriers in your way that you’re staring at rather than tackle. If you’ve gotten far in terms of accomplishment, look at it as a set back.  Best wishes.



    Thank you so much Anthony. I guess I’m just not on the position I wanna be in life but I know I will succeed and grow as a person.

    In America the University system is a joke, so I’m not getting my refund sadly but it’s okay since I can make them again and I’m still young and optimistic. I’m sorry about your book, I hope you can remember most of it and just try to write it again.

    I will have the comeback of the Century, 2021 ain’t got shit on me!!

    Thank you again, Anthony. I will update and show my progress, and if you need someone to read your book, I will gladly do it.

    Let’s own 2021,




    I’d suggest buying the 4 – Hour Body by Timothy Ferris; it has a lot of hacks so you can get increase your muscle mass and shed pounds and fat more efficiently. A lot of great information inside.



    If you’re willing to read some of the rough draft I’d appreciate the feedback. What’s your email?




    Be assured.

    Dieses Thema ist einfach unvergleichlich:), mir gefällt))) Show more>>>


    Huy To Ryan

    Hey you both Luis and Anthony!

    How are you doing 1 year later (after you last post)?

    1) Anthony finished your book?

    2) Luis killing it in the gym?

    Let me know. I’m happy to connect!

    Huy – from Singapore



    thanks for asking. no, I’m not finished. I’ve been focusing on my basketball book. About 300 pages. I still need primary sources and a broader understanding of how the world works, so I’m applying to graduate school, something I always wanted. The price tags are steep. $100,000.00 for Columbia University, an Ivey League and $60,000 for the University of Southern California, a 2nd tier school. I’ve dreamed of reporting at the Olympics, attending USC will help facilitate that. There is some strange stuff in the NBA that needs investigating. Without real interviews, I will create misinformation and/or a conspiracy theory.

    I think I’m about to into overdrive. I’m gonna write more and apply for scholarships every week.

    My writing style changed so much during quarantine, I might have to start the book over somewhat. Again, thanks for asking.

    On another note, I’ve been on Youtube too much. How do I put this? My race, I know its a loaded term especially with the civil war and race riot talk going around, is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of everything inn America and globally. I feel really really sad. Black men make the worst husbands by far, it is not even close. This doesn’t help my mindset in terms of attracting women which I’ve always struggled to do. But all this typing and chatting is feminine from what I understand from this Leigh and his website, so I’m taking more action rather than talking about it.

    And I’m thinking about doing something that will be incredibly liberating, but is the scariest thing I might ever do. I just don’t want the wrong outcome because it incvolves another person I don’t want to get well however the person takes the situation.

    Thanks. Love from Philly.


    Huy To Ryan

    Hey, thanks to hear you are doing well.

    >>>But all this typing and chatting is feminine from what I understand from this Leigh and his website, so I’m taking more action rather than talking about it.

    Hey man, you are right about trying to focus on what you can control/contribute/change. This is the core message of LifeOS. Maybe you can start thinking of moving to a state where the racial divide is not so bad, or ignore the people who hate or do something else about it.

    However, I don’t think it’s feminine to talk about it, whether it’s online or with a buddy. We are humans and sometimes if there are weights on our shoulders to be let off –> we need to do so. Mental health issues are a real thing. Also, if something makes you sad/angry, allow yourself to be fully sad/angry by diving into the associated body sensations instead of avoiding feeling them. The former way will let them run their courses and be gone in a few hours, while avoiding will only repress them and cause them to persist (you hang onto them)

    >>>And I’m thinking about doing something that will be incredibly liberating, but is the scariest thing I might ever do

    Let me guess: moving in with someone or even tie the know with that person? If yes, it sure as hell sounds scary


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