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Do you ever go out alone?

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    I just moved to a new city and I have only met a few people, but they are not into going to nightclubs and parties.

    I was wondering if you ever go out just by yourself and how is/was it like for you.




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    This is actually something that I’m struggling with right now so I’ll make a project with you.



    Yeah man, all the time. I’m not a huge nightclub person, but I’ve been to plenty of parties where the only person I knew was whoever invited me.

    • I actually like going to cafes alone and read.
    • I’ve gone to the movies by myself to see some weird obscure movie that none of my friends were interested in seeing.
    • I’ve gone to plenty of meetups by myself.

    I’ve just moved to a new city myself, and I’m out and about checking new places, sometimes with my wife, but often times just by myself.

    And as a result I’ve met heaps of people.

    It can be nervous at first. I remember thinking, “Oh, I’m by myself people will think I’m weird.” What I learnt was not to focus on that. In fact, no-one really cares if you are alone for the most part (in fact, most people I’ve spoken to, think its more ballsy, than weird). But I don’t really focus on that any more.

    If I’m feeling those nerves for when I’m going somewhere, I also set a tiny goal. For example, I went to a new life drawing class last week – alone. I was nervous, and made a goal of introducing myself to 3 people. When I go to parties alone, I always make sure to introduce myself to the first person I see. I have a little question in my head “how many interesting people will I meet tonight? Let’s find out”.

    If I’m going to a place, purely for my own enjoyment, I focus on how much I can enjoy it. Eg. Going to a cafe to read, or bushwalking by myself, or seeing that movie. My enjoyment is purely based on me and my desires in those moments.

    Oh, and moving to a new city is a blessing when meeting new people. Just saying you are new to the city during a conversation will allow people to play “tour guide” and tell you all the best spots. If they are a cool person, you could always ask if they could take you there the next weekend.

    Once you get past being self conscious of being alone, it can be a TON of fun.




    This is an interesting one. I’ve heard heaps of people mention that they’re nervous to go out alone because they’re afraid that people will judge them, but it’s something I’ve never understood. I’ve never once seen someone out by themselves and thought “You’re a loser, out by yourself” so I’ve never wondered if someone was thinking that about me.

    Is that something you’ve thought before about someone else?



    I didn’t go out alone, but I think it will end soon.

    In the last months I’m experiencing more independence and willing to explore more the places and all their possibilities when going out.

    I’m also moving to a bigger city where I know very few people. I’m considering making a step by step plan to go out alone, because I’m not enjoying the idea of being dependent of the will of my friends to go where I want to go in this new place.



    I always find myself NOT wanting to go out by myself.  My problem is I want a group of people who like adventures and shit and my friends always stay in, never go on vacation, don’t want to do anything.



    Yep,of course.

    That’s normal that sometimes people walk alone.

    But sometimes you  need somebody to talk wih.

    It’s a very valyable thing.

    Cause without speaking ,we will be like animal.

    Now we have a lot of oppoturnities to meet new people eve at home,here is the site that i usually visit

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