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How are you all doing post-covid?

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    Huy To Ryan

    Hi all,

    Anyone here still alive? Leigh? I noticed that the last post here is from 10 months ago


    I posted here the first time 4 years ago, facing multiple problems

    I am now posting here again after 4 years, with some problems solved and fewer problems to deal with

    I am porn free now + more confident + in better body shape + more sociable + enjoying new hobbies very much

    I am still facing some problems, however, relating to dating & relationships aspect of my life


    If anyone here still alive, I am glad to reconnect with

    I hope you are all doing well post-pandemic

    Much love!


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    bart smulders

    Hi Huy,

    Nice to meet you and speak to somebody on this forum to keep things alive and kicking. There hasn’t been so much activity whatsoever. It would be cool to discuss and talk over the issues and solutions we are integrating into our lives.  Have you done any of the courses or methods described here + the articles are of great help. I’m currently busy with ‘Uncover your core and design your destiny. However, I don’t receive any feedback. It’s great to get in contact on this forum, and what it used to be for. What are you up to, are you working through processes yourself or looking for inspiration which can trigger another step in your potential?

    Take care,



    Huy To Ryan

    Nice, I’m close to believe it’s becoming a post-apocalypse world here! Haha

    I will be working through the courses “Uncover Your Core + Design Your Destiny”

    On top of this, recently I have been working through No More Mr Nice Guy (by Rober A.Glover) + Transformation Mastery by Julien Blanc (an ex-PUA so to speak) + reading up more about Taoism

    I am starting to feel like there are many overlaps between these sources and all coming together now to shape my so-called new worldview and philosophy. But it’s tough to apply them on a subconscious level consistently and many times I go back to my old ways of thinking

    Example, recently I have discovered that I am still prone to approval-seeking behaviors, falling in love too easily + idolizing people (especially women – seeing them as distorted idolized versions in my head rather than who they truly are). It’s going to take a while for me to change haha.

    In the meantime, the other aspects of my life are still good. I am still porn free and will start to spend more time on my hobbies. I also feel like my social circle is growing and my health improving

    It’s good to connect! Maybe perhaps through Facebook. You can search for To Huy


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