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How in the hell do I get good at Sales?

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    I just started a job in the auto industry (selling dodges, rams, chrysler, jeeps and really everything.  All good products.  The pay is phenomenal.  Some guys here make upwards of 100k a year.  I’ve been here two weeks now and I just can’t find my niche.  These other guys are like butterflies, opening the sale, effortless guiding the customer to a close.  I feel so.. UNCOMFORTABLE doing this.  Like I don’t know what I’m doing.  How do I become effortless.  How do I find my groove?

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    Congrats, mate. Well done. The first is always the hardest.



    Any suggestions?



    Hey Leigh.  How many people have you successfully coached through making a living off of Passive Online Income.



    Update.  I got let off from my job because I wasn’t meeting my numbers.  Moved to a different business.  Still going at it.

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