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Integrity Challenge – Finish transferring portion of novel to laptop

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    1. I’m unsure how to set a time frame for this: 9 Days. I really want to mix this with the personal productivity challenge, I need more output.

    I started a novel; I wrote the first 200 pages on sheet paper. I will transfer the remaining 54 pages  onto my laptop by the deadline.

    I get sidetracked a lot when problems arise; a woman I was talking to got an attitude and yelled when I stopped.

    I will focus while writing and not listen to music to increase productivity and destroy that habit.


    keep any comments, if you planned to comment, until I finish. I’ve told way too many people about this project.


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    No worries. Good luck.



    I failed horribly. I added too many other commitments that made me exhausted with no real time to write. I haven’t slept well since the pandemic began.

    I felt like a nice guy helping people move and doing work for my disabled neighbor. I finally caught myself saying yes to everyone. I’m not obligated to help anyone but myself. Maybe I put others before me.

    I didn’t want to depend on my dad financially during the pandemic, but I felt I short changed myself for others when I could have asked for him for money.

    Failing the challenge made me realize I have to think commitments through and is the commitment something I want to do.

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