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I wrote this one on a train Paris back to Amsterdam – Your Thoughts?

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    Suicidal Thoughts

    The Abyss
    It’s an intractable, cloaked, psychedelic consciousness of life and death. A juxtaposition – a sick fucking game, as if Jigsaw from Saw was in on it.
 My sanity poisoned. The cursing of a thousand sailors wailed as I sunk deeper into the abyss.
    Beautiful Pain

    In the search for hope, I navigate the ancient waters of the Greek mythical swamp of Lerna. 
Inching me closer to my death; the mesmerizing beauty of melodic notes warming themselves inside my body, 
surgically removing the cancerous pain in me note by note.


    The temptation to resist is strong. As the Sirens sing louder, the pain drowns into the lake.

    I stand inches away from death and the will to survive grows weaker as I inch closer to the melodic singing.

    Such a beautiful intoxicant is enough for anyone to take their life.



    Slaying “hydras, sea serpents, sirens, and everything else”, is a difficult journey: one full of “challenges, monsters, and demons”, but ultimately – one of meaning.



    Such an obligation is to fulfill ascension. Fulfill ascension from darkness to light,
past the treacherous hell of Hades Underworld Hell of the abyss; 
to one full of conquering the internal “dragons, demons” 
and unity with chaos and peace.


    Such a journey: is a difficult, but meaningful one. To “Survive” is to go through hell and back and climb out of the deep abyss where many brave souls have not had the opportunity to “climb out”.


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    Nice. What was your inspiration behind this?



    Hey Nathan, I guess just my love for Greek mythology and the rollercoaster of emotions we call life (which can get pretty low at times), some unhealthy expectations, desire for self-improvement, and just a desire to improve my writing, haha.


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