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The American Presidential race makes me realise how boring Australia is

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    We have an election to elect the leader of Australia in just over 30 days and the choice is between two of the most uninspiring people in the political history of Australia. They’re both simply slightly off-centre (centre right and centre left), have very little personality, don’t really have a passionate stance on anything, and aren’t really planning forward for the big issues that will affect our lives moving forward, either. They’re just basic variations of the same mould.

    The American race, however…

    – Andrew Yang, tech entrepreneur pushing the universal basic income
    – Pete Butteigiegiehhheieigigigigied, the openly gay army vet
    – Good Old Bernie, socialism in it’s most vocal form

    Plus, a whole bunch of others.

    I don’t necessarily agree with their positions on a whole bunch of topics but at least you have someone who believes in something to choose from.

    Who’s your favourite and why?

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    Well there’s always led Blitz Hermscholar – A retired navy seal assassin
    Craig Ermentraut Craig Ermentraut – Venezuelan hotdog salesman
    Dan Blitzoff Sternmanjew – a Ventilation repairman who died in an oil explosion and was resurrected by the gay agenda
    Donald Trump Jr Jr Jr – a clone of Donald Trump cloned by the C.I.A led by the guy from American Pie
    Joe D Capitalist – Just an average walt street C.E.O
    Goliath the Red Death – with 48 kills and 0 defeats in the ring
    Jack McBrayer – From 30 rock (I’d vote for him)

    Have you seen the chainsaw juggling competition yet?  Or how about which candidate can scream the loudest at Nancy Pelosi without making her cry.  I’d much rather just watch The Voice anyway.



    Hey Leigh, I’m from San Antonio, Texas, and well… I guess our American Political System is the way it is currently because our country feels so polarized and divided politically. You have individuals arguing on the right and left that the political landscape is divided, and… you end up with President Trump lol.

    Andrew Yang – Nice pick. He seems to understand the ongoing issues facing the younger demographic, as well as the older demographic – with like automation and stuff – he’s kind of like a bridge for both

    Personally, I don’t feel like Bernie would be the best candidate for president seeing as our country is facing an economic decline, stagnant wages, unemployment is on the rise, huge government deficit. He also wants a 15$ minimum wage: which isn’t bad – it’s well-meaning, but with a 15$ minimum wage it prices out the unskilled workers from the market who rely on these jobs, business who can’t compete close, and a greater incentive to automate these jobs are created due to such a regulation. And in my opinion, too much government regulation is bad now just for the economy, but for the country as well. I’m not 100% for Bernie’s “Democratic Socialism”.


    Oh, and I love the new website mate. I’ve been following prior: when you’ve had the Attraction Institute site. I’ve contributions have helped me immensely, Thank You. – Cheers from Texas.



    The polarisation is real. There’s a lot of passion and anger over there blaming a whole bunch of different groups and issues for the challenges people are facing.

    I think Andrew Yang as president would be interesting, but given where he sits on the political spectrum, I don’t know how he’d get anything passed through both houses. Great ideas, but I just don’t think they’re mainstream enough to get traction just yet.

    I agree with you about Bernie. Some interesting ideas, but I just don’t know how functional they are. We have almost the highest minimum wage in the world here in Australia, but that’s been factored into our pricing models for the last 30 years meaning people are happy to pay the prices necessary to support that kind of minimum wage. I think the surge in prices for EVERYTHING would be a huge shock over there. In saying that, people would also have more money to pay those prices, so who knows…

    Glad you like the new site, mate. A lot of work went into the transformation and there’s a lot more great stuff to come as well.

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