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Tough Conversation Challenge – Intermediate Level

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    Anthony Love



    I helped my cousin Kimberly move yesterday. Her son is doing whatever he wants and it seems to be killing her and possibly himself.  He was involved indirectly  in a shooting and she had to move because some people have tried to kick in her door to murder her son Marcus. Her older son Brandon is in jail now with 4 years remaining of a 10 year sentence for riding with people whom killed someone.

    (These statements might be somewhat skewed based on lies etc)

    Yesterday Marcus was getting high at a friend’s house without lifting a finger.

    I said she’s enabling him. I proposed ideas, but it’s so so out of my hands. We talked. I tried.

    I almost snapped, but that was my fault. I won’t go into details.

    I’m glad I’ve learned to meditate.



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