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While it’s hard to tell from the comfort of your loungeroom, or looking out your window at the peaceful and relaxed living conditions surrounding most parts of the civilised world, life on this planet used to be remarkably dangerous. There are people alive today who were born in a time when making it to 55 years old was considered an achievement due to the rampant diseases, violence, and poor medical treatment available in even the most developed countries.

The predatory nature of existence meant your primary goal as you woke every morning was: don’t fucking die. Don’t get the most basic infection, don’t contract any of the fatal or crippling diseases rife within your neighbourhood, don’t fall victim to any one of the thousands of potentially fatal safety hazards present in almost every workplace. Do everything you can to ensure you survive through the day.

Modern technological advancements have changed this situation dramatically. Medical advancements have made it easier to cure diseases that vaccines can’t prevent, improved safety standards have reduced the number of fatal workplace accidents, and improved policing has dramatically reduced violent crime rates. In fact, the world has gotten so much safer that a significant contributing factor in 7 out of the 1o most common ways to die in 2007 was not leaving the comfort of your couch!

But this unprecedented level of safety and security has created a new problem: what should you do with your life? Now that the threat of imminent death had evaporated and you’re free to pursue more meaningful goals, what should you do with the incredible opportunity that was unheard of for most of human history?

Answering this question is both challenging and critically important.

The problem with lacking a life vision

While there are obvious drawbacks to existing in a world that could kill you in any moment, there is one positive: you have a clear objective every day of your life. When you wake in the morning, you know your primary goal is: ensure the survival of yourself and those you love. This clear objective has many simple and surprising positives.

  • Drive and motivation – The threat of you and your family starving will inspire you to get out of bed regardless of the weather outside your warm and cozy bed
  • Purpose and meaning – The goal of securing enough life essentials to support your family makes every action significant and meaningful
  • Fulfilment and satisfaction – The clear success criteria of your family’s survival means that working out if you achieved your goal and experiencing the fulfilment that comes from that is easy
  • Deep connections – Your common goal with all those around you helps form a deep and real bond

The unfortunate side-effect of living in a safe and secure society is that a clear daily mission (and the benefits that came along with it) has been replaced with a gaping hole. Inside that gaping hole, a number of less deadly, but still frustrating and significant issues lie waiting.

Challenge 1. Indecisiveness

When the world is hell-bent on crushing the life from your fragile bones, every minute of your life has purpose and direction and that purpose and direction makes it easy to make decisions. You know where you’re going and can clearly tell which avenue takes you closer to achieving your goal.

When that noble goal is ripped from your grasp by a well-intentioned and progressive society, you’re left grasping at straws.

  • Should you stay at your current job or move onto something different? It depends on the direction you’re taking your life
  • Should you dive into a long-term relationship or are you better off staying single? It depends on the direction you’re taking your life
  • Should you stay with your current uninspiring friends or start spending time with more motivating and inspiring individuals? It depends on the direction you’re taking your life

Without a clearly defined life direction, you have no framework to decide which option takes you closer to your goal and so struggle to lock onto either with any certainty.

Challenge 2. Dependent on external validation

When you have a clearly outlined daily objective (ensure the survival of yourself and your family), it’s easy to recognise whether you’re successful or failing.

  • Did I earn enough money to feed my family? Yes or no?
  • Did I contract a deadly infection? Yes or no?
  • Did I keep my job? Yes or no?
  • Is my house still safe and secure? Yes or no?
  • Will I be able to work tomorrow? Yes or no?

While this might not be the most inspiring set of goals, they’re clear and concise. You know if you’ve hit them and once they’re completed, you know what your next target is. This clear and concise set of goals makes validating your life choices and decisions simple. You can assess your life against a clearly articulated target and confidently declare that you’re doing the right thing.

Lacking a clearly defined life path robs you of this opportunity. Without a list of goals, targets, and objectives to aim towards, it’s impossible to validate your own life choices.

  • Am I a good person or a bad person? How do you tell?
  • Did I do the right thing or was it the wrong thing? How do you tell?
  • Am I wasting my opportunities or taking full advantage of them? How do you tell?

Without a clear life goal, it’s impossible to validate your life choices. You’re forced to look outside to others and get their opinion on whether you’re doing the right thing.

This constant searching outside yourself for confirmation that you’re doing the right thing leaves you dependent on the ever-changing thoughts, feelings and opinions of others. Your life becomes an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster, at the whim of the shifting thoughts and opinions of others.

Challenge 3. Shallow relationships

The deepest and most powerful relationships are formed on emotionally significant commonalities. While you can form deep connections based on shared beliefs and common emotional experiences, your deepest and most profound connections will be with people who share the same vision of the world with you.

If you find someone who wants to live the same life, in the same world, doing the same things, fighting the same injustices in the pursuit of a happier existence for all, your bond will run deeper than blood.

The problem is that without a vision of your perfect life, you will never be able to form those deep connections. You lack the deep awareness of your core desires and so can never find someone that you share these with. Your connections will have to be formed through other commonalities that can sometimes be rewarding, but will always lack the depth of a connection forged through a shared vision of the world.

Challenge 4. Lacking drive and determination

There are two basic motivators in life: moving away from pain and moving towards pleasure. When you live in a hostile world with the threat of imminent death closing in on all sides, you’re highly motivated to move away from that pain. But in a modern society where that threat has disappeared, you now need to find your definition of ‘pleasure’ to keep driving you forward.

While ‘pleasure’ motivations can be in the form of material possessions such as money (and everything you can buy with it), or even emotional rewards such as significance and appreciation, the ultimate ‘pleasure’ goal that will keep you motivated, even through seemingly tough and confusing times, is your vision of your perfect life.

Without the fear of pain pushing you forward and a lack of a clearly identified ‘pleasure’, you end up stuck in a motivation purgatory with nothing to move away from and nothing to move towards. Your life becomes a mundane routine, crawling along the shoulder of the highway as the rest of the world speeds past you.

Challenge 5. Lacking meaning and significance

Meaning and significance are created, not through the actions you take, but by how much closer your actions take you to your perfect life. If they help you take a giant leap towards your ideal existence, then they will have significance and meaning. If they have little or no impact, they’ll lack any significance and meaning.

  • Washing the dishes doesn’t have significance on its own, but doing so to impress your partner’s parents when they visit for the first time does
  • Lending your friend $20 to buy another packet of cigarettes isn’t going to fill your emotional basket, but lending them $20 to get to a job interview that takes them in a life-changing direction will
  • Spending 60 hours a week stuck at a desk building some arsehole’s dream won’t feel meaningful but spending 80 hours a week building your own will

Meaning and significance are not created by the actions themselves, but through how close your actions take you to your perfect world.

This means that in order to experience any meaning and significance, you first need to know what your perfect world looks like. Without that vision, it doesn’t matter what you do with your life, it will remain an empty and meaningless void.

Challenge 6. Living a life of regrets

The final and most significant challenge of blindly stumbling through your safe and secure existence doesn’t become apparent until your final moments. It’s realising, as you watch the last minutes of your life tick away and the energy to continue fighting the good fight drain from your limbs, that you were given a remarkable gift of living in a safe, secure world filled with opportunity after opportunity, and all you did with that gift was waste it, drifting from one empty and meaningless task to another until your time ran out.

You didn’t make your mark. You didn’t touch the lives of others. You didn’t even have the courage to stand up for what you believe in and forge your own path through this world. You just casually stumbled from one empty moment to another in a zombie-like trance, letting the valuable minutes of your existence flow down the drain as you blindly followed the life journey dictated by everyone else.

You’re left with nothing but regrets of a life wasted as your heart rate flatlines and the nurses walk your children into the corridor for a quiet conversation.

Lacking meaning, significance, and motivation right now is painful, but getting to the end of your life and realising your entire existence has been a waste of the only opportunity you will ever have to experience happiness and fulfilment will make your final moments unbearably painful and disappointing.

If you don’t want to pass from this world filled with deep regrets about your failure of a life, you need to find a solution.

How to fill your life with meaning, purpose, and direction

There are two different paths you can take to become more decisive, stop relying on external validation, forge deep and powerful connections with those around you, finding meaning, significance, and drive, and to be able to lay your head down at the end of your journey knowing you truly lived a good life:

  1. Move to a dangerous and deadly developing world and come one step closer to death with every minute you spend outside your front door
  2. Connect with your vision of your perfect life

I can’t recommend the first (both through lack of experience and the chance that you’ll die), but if you want to live a meaningful, significant, motivated, internally validated, life filled with deep connections with incredible people, then here is the solution.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands through the process of connecting with their perfect life vision and have first-hand experience with the transformative power of this process.

The Power of creating a life vision

When you connect with your vision of your perfect life, it eliminates the core problem responsible for many of the challenges and issues you face when stumbling blindly through your day-to-day routine:

Benefit 1. Making life decisions becomes easy

Your vision of your perfect life makes it easy and simple to make decisions. When you know what your ultimate life goal is, you can determine which direction takes you closer to your ultimate goal and which takes you further away.

This means you can eliminate the flip-flopping because the right decision is obvious and easy to choose.

Benefit 2. You become internally validated

Your vision of your perfect life makes it easy to validate the decisions and choices you make throughout your day. It clearly defines what you believe the right way to live your life is and so allows you to assess your actions and validate your own decisions and actions.

This means you can live a life free from the need to get approval from others because you can give yourself the approval you crave.

Benefit 3. You form deep connections

Connecting with your vision of your perfect life allows you to use that vision to connect with others who share that desire. These connections will be deep, strong, and powerful because your vision of your perfect life is the emotionally significant desire.

This means you can end the empty and lonely nights feeling alone and outcast by forming deep and powerful bonds with like-minded people.

Benefit 4. You have drive and determination

Your vision of your perfect life will electrify your day with drive, determination, and passion. You’ll clearly be able to see the payoff from your actions is bigger and more exciting than the cost of taking action and so you’ll be driven to jump out of bed and start living your day.

This means that struggling to find the energy to get out of bed and start living your life will be left in the past as your passion for living drives you forward.

Benefit 5. Everyday activities gain meaning and significance

Your vision of your perfect life will infuse your actions with meaning and significance. You’ll be able to see how everything you do contributes directly to you getting what you want making them an important step towards your ideal life.

This means that drifting through empty action after empty action leaves your life as every action becomes important and significant.

Benefit 6. No deathbed regrets

And most importantly, on the day you lay your head on a pillow for the last time and drift off into eternal rest, you will do so knowing that you didn’t waste this opportunity. You didn’t squander it like millions before you. You did something with it. You took your only opportunity to explore everything this world has to offer and embraced every second of it.

At the end of your last day, you’ll pass knowing that you used the very precious gift of life and inspired others through your journey.

How to create a powerful, meaningful, and motivating life vision

If you’ve never tried to sit down and create a vision of the life you want to live, you might think it’s a simple and straight-forward process. You just think about all the things you’d like to do, plot them on some kind of timeline or vision board, and you’re set! Motivation, passion, and energy will simply flow from your 2-hour exercise and your world will be infused with meaning and significance. This is a wildly optimistic strategy.

There are many inherent pitfalls I’ve discovered over the 12 years of assisting people through this process. These pitfalls can derail even the most well-intentioned efforts and result in people failing to connect with their perfect life vision. This results in their determination and drive being wasted and them going back to the same frustrating, empty, and meaningless life.

Pitfall 1. Setting an ineffective timeframe

The first pitfall people make is failing to set a timeframe or setting an ineffective timeframe. Both of these will result in struggling to create a complete and compelling perfect life vision.

Failing to set a timeframe will cause you to struggle because your vision will be riddled with inconsistencies. Some parts of your vision might include you being single, other parts might be when you’re in a loving relationship, and others still could involve raising children. And as you can imagine, the activities you fill your life with while you’re single and carefree will be very different from the activities of your married, or even parental life.

These inconsistencies make it impossible to ever create that perfect life and can cause you to lose motivation and drive.

Setting an incorrect timeframe will cause just as many, but obviously different issues, as failing to set a timeframe. If you set an incorrect timeframe, either you won’t be able to imagine that period in time or it won’t be motivating. You’ll either struggle to create your vision or even manage to do so, but fail to get any drive or determination from it once you’re done, making the whole exercise a waste of time.

To ensure you can create an empowering, exciting, and motivating vision, you need to set the correct timeframe for your perfect life vision.

Pitfall 2. Failing to identify key categories

There are many different categories of elements that exist in your perfect life. There are friends and family and relationships and health and possessions and everything in between. But, not all of these things make an equal contribution to your quality of life. Not all play a key role in creating a rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting life.

To make sure your perfect life vision is as exciting and fulfilling as possible, you need to sort through the different categories of elements and discover which ones are key to creating your perfect life vision so you can dedicate your attention to them. Failure to do so will result in you wasting hours creating a vision that feels just as empty and hollow as your current life.

Pitfall 3. Not differentiating what’s critical from the unimportant

Discovering the important categories is one thing, but it’s important to remember that within each category are many different parts, some of which are critical to your perfect life vision and others which are not. You need a framework to sort through the parts and selectively identify which ones play a key role in your perfect life vision and which ones you can put in the trash heap.

Without this framework, you could think you completed your perfect life vision… only to find you’ve wasted precious hours of your life on things that contribute nothing toward improving your life situation.

Pitfall 4. Failing to put the pieces together

Setting the correct timeframe, identifying the key categories, and developing a framework to differentiate between the important and unimportant elements is a great first step, but now comes the hard part: putting it all together. There’s no point in understanding the different critical parts without knowing how to merge them all together into a cohesive, motivating, and inspiring plan.

Before you launch into your journey of creating your life vision, you need a structure of how to bring them all into one empowering and exciting vision to ensure you get enough from this to want to live your life.

Pitfall 5. Missing your core desires

We live in a world bombarded by images of what a perfect life looks like. Beautiful people in luxurious surroundings enjoying perfect weather doing nothing other than running their hands through fields of long grass as they stare longingly into the camera lens seems to be the norm. When creating your vision of your perfect life, it can be tempting to default to these easily accessible ideals. But is that truly rewarding for you?

  • Would you be satisfied with just spending the rest of your life sitting by a pool? Or would your days need to have a greater sense of purpose and meaning?
  • Would you fill your life with just one or two silent, model-type, trophies to adorn your day-bed? Or would you want vibrant, engaging, inspiring people who motivated you to fulfil your potential?
  • Would you want crystal clear blue skies every day of your perfect life? Or would you prefer to enjoy everything that nature has including falling asleep to the sound of rain dancing across your roof?

It’s easy to get caught up in the ideals portrayed throughout the media, but this is just another way to create a meaningless and empty vision that doesn’t inspire or motivate you on a core level. To ensure your vision is motivating and exciting, you need to find a way to cut through the logical ideas of what makes up a good life and find your passion and vision. You need to find a way to sort through the logical ideas injected into your head by the thousands of marketing images you see every day and find what is truly meaningful for you.

Without knowing how to cut through the noise, all you’ll end up with is an uninspiring and meaningless description of someone else’s perfect life.

Pitfall 6. Ignoring inconsistencies

I have some bad news for you: you’re not a wizard. I know this might come as a shock, but you need to know it now. This is important because along with not being able to turn a prince into a frog and get away wearing a star-covered dressing gown and a pointed hat, you also can’t teleport, instantly change your mood or focus, or get energy from sunlight.

This means that in order to create a vision of your perfect life that is both realistic and achievable, you need to remove logical inconsistencies. You need to make sure that you include the necessary elements to ensure you’re able to do the things you want to do.

Without this, you’ll end up with an exciting sounding vision that you’ll always fail to create because you’re not a wizard.

Overcoming the Pitfalls

These 6 common traps consistently derail the majority of people who attempt to find drive, determination, purpose, and meaning in their life by creating a vision of their perfect life.

After working with hundreds going through this process and helping them overcome their struggles, I developed a specific structure that allowed these people to navigate these barriers.

I call that structure Insight.

What is Insight?

Insight is a 10-stage program that will help you navigate your way around the common traps and pitfalls and create your vision of your perfect life.

It will help you discover your core desires and drives, mould them into a complete and compelling life-vision, and develop a plan to ensure your start taking action towards that vision as soon as possible.

There are three distinct sections within Insight:

Section 1. Your life vision

The first section of Insight will guide you through creating your vision of your perfect life. It will walk you through the four major categories, help you understand the importance of each category and where you should spend your time and energy, show you how to identify the critical elements in each category and which you can ignore, and take you through the process of crafting them into a motivating and exciting vision of your perfect life.

By the time you complete these four units, you’ll be in touch with your core desires and be able to clearly see the life you want to live.

Section 2. Eliminating Inconsistencies

Once you’ve worked through the four major categories, identifying your core desires in each and crafting them into a complete vision, the next stage in Insight is to work through your vision (in a different order), in two different sweeps, identifying and eliminating any inconsistencies.

This will ensure your vision is exciting and motivating because it will be realistic and achievable.

Section 3. Creating a life vision plan

Having a vision of your perfect life is a powerful step towards creating a driven and meaningful life, but to turn that vision into reality, you need a plan. You need a step-by-step progression for implementing your vision in a way that challenges you and pushes you to your edge (ensuring maximum progress), but does so in a supportive way to make sure you don’t freak, put your vision away in your desk draw, and never look at it again.

This final stage of Insight will guide you through the process of creating that plan over three separate units. This will give you the information and structure necessary to ensure your plan is exciting and challenging, but definitely achievable, leaving you well on your way to building your vision of your perfect life.

How we guarantee success

There is a wide gap between knowing what you need to do and being able to do it. Knowing something just requires reading logical information and being able to process that information. Being able to do something requires taking that information and combining it with focus, dedication, motivation, self-awareness, and drive to produce an outcome.

To ensure you have the tools you need to turn the instructions in Insight into actual results, each unit of Insight contains 5 critical elements.

Element 1. Articles

Each unit contains an article that explains the elements you’ll be working, why they’re important, and how to ensure you’re successful. These articles can be as little as a few hundred words or as many as a few thousand, but however long they are, they give you important context and insights into the unit topic and will help ensure you start each unit on the right foot.

Element 2. Physical Activity

Most of the insights you’re looking for won’t be found sitting inside the safety of your bedroom contemplating your life. They’ll be found outside, in the real world, as you’re going about your day to day existence. To make sure you’re finding all the clues necessary and finish each unit with a complete and clear understanding of your core desires, each unit contains a physical activity to be conducted as you’re going about your day to day business.

It will help you extract every insight possible from your real-world experiences ensuring your maximise your learning lessons in each unit.

Element 3. Written activity

Understanding context and finding insights in your day to day existence are important but mean nothing if you don’t combine them all into your vision. This is why the third element in every Insight unit is a written exercise. This is where you’ll take your learning and insights, follow the instructions, and complete one step towards you eventually complete vision.

Putting your thoughts and ideas into physcial form will allow you to start to build your complete vision, step by step without being overwhelmed.

Element 4. Self-Reflection

The sheer amount of insights you’ll gain from this process can be overwhelming for even the most prepared and experienced person, meaning that it’s easy to miss critical lessons and opportunities to learn about yourself. To make sure all critical learning lessons are brought front and centre of your awareness, each unit contains a self-reflection section. This section will help you understand more about what each exercise means for you as a person and how you can grow this it.

Element 5. Support Community

There’s no doubt that somewhere along your journey of connecting with your vision of your perfect life, you’re going to feel confused or overwhelmed and have some questions. To make sure you can get your questions answered not only by experienced coaches but also gain insights from others who’ve walked this path before you, Insight has a dedicated forum where you can connect with others, ask your questions, and get personalised feedback from people who’ve faced the challenges you’re dealing with and have found their own answers.

My guarantee

I am so confident that Insight will dramatically change not only the content of your life, but your levels of meaning, significance, and fulfilment throughout your day, that it’s backed by a 3-part money-back, access, and results guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee Part 1. 100% money back

If you complete the exercises and follow your plan and still don’t find a greater clarity of direction in your day-to-day life, first of all, I will refund 100% of your purchase amount. Everything. You’ll get it all back. I won’t hold only a single cent of your money. All you’ll need to do is email through your details and I’ll jump in and refund your purchase asap.

Satisfaction Guarantee Part 2. Access

On top of getting 100% of your money back, you’ll get to keep access to the entire Insight program. This means that if anything changes in your life in the future and you want to have another shot at creating your vision of your perfect life, you’ll be able to log in and work through the program at any time.

Satisfaction Guarantee part 3. Results

The final part of the Insight satisfaction guarantee is that not only will you get a full refund and keep access to the entire program, but one of our coaches will also work with you through any roadblocks and challenges to help you overcome these barriers. You’ll get personalised guidance through your issues and the support you need to create a complete and compelling vision of your perfect life.

Caution: Places are limited

The process of designing your life vision can bring up many questions. To make sure our coaches can give you the support and guidance you need, we will only allow 8 active students in Insight at any one point in time. Any more than 8 active students will reduce the level of support and attention we’re able to offer each student which will diminish the effectiveness of the program.

Once we have the 8 active students actively working through Insight, no more will be accepted until one of the 8 students finishes their program.

We cannot give any guarantees about how long Insight registrations will stay open for as it’s impossible to say when students will sign up. We also cannot give any guarantees how long they will remain closed for as each student’s journey is different and each will work through Insight at their own pace.

The only guarantee I can give is that if you don’t want to miss out on your chance to find meaning, fulfilment, passion, dedication, and drive through creating your vision of your perfect life, you need to enroll now.

If you’re ready to find meaning, significance and purpose in your life…

…there’s no time to wait. For $47, you can start your journey to filling your life with significance and meaning in every moment by diving deep into your sub-conscious and connecting with your vision of our ideal life.

Insight’s proven structure for helping you uncover your core-level desires and crafting them into an inspiring, motivating, and exciting vision of your perfect life will infuse your existence with meaning and purpose and hope.

If you’re ready to leave behind the repetitive, mundane, frustrating life of following what society has told you is right and forge your own path, the time is now.

All you need to do is click the yellow ‘Start Course’ button in the right-hand side-bar, set up your account, and you’ll gain instant access to unit 1, where you’ll start the process of crafting your vision.

Bonus 1. Your Life’s Deepest Purpose

Connecting with your vision of your perfect life is a powerful step towards creating a rewarding, meaningful, and purpose-driven existence. It will help cure a lot of the challenges you face in your everyday life and build a more fulfilling life.

But, there is one limitation of your life vision: it’s all about you. Your vision of your perfect life is entirely focussed on creating a life that you love, filled with activities that excite you and people who inspire you.

The pursuit of fulfilling your own needs and wants is a crucially important step in any person’s life as you can’t truly give to others without needing something in return while you still feel like you’re lacking in your own life. But as you move down of creating an exciting and fulfilling life and taking care of your own desires, you might notice something deeper appear. You might notice a desire to do more, to make a bigger impact, to create massive social change, to step outside the small bubble of your closely held concerns and touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. When that desire appears it’s important to be ready for it, which is why I’ve included this bonus unit.

The bonus unit ‘Life’s Deepest Purpose’ is designed to help you understand that calling and find the answer to your newly-found desire. It will help you understand the nature of that desire and how to fill it in a way that both fills your emotional hole and your mission of touching the lives of others.

It’s a relatively simple and straight-forward exercise, but an important and powerful one if you ever find yourself in the position of needing to answer your deep calling.

Don’t waste the precious minutes of your life

Your days on this earth are numbered. You don’t get a do-over and there’s no ‘next season’. This is your one and only chance to explore and enjoy the world around you. What are you going to fill your days with?

Are you going to sacrifice 45 years of your life, grinding through a mundane, repetitive 9-5 existence, filled with equally bored and frustrated people, as you slug your way to a wishful golden parachute hoping that those last few years of freedom are fun enough to make up for your lost youth?

Or are you going to live your life on your terms, filling it with incredible adventures and inspiring people doing things you love on your terms and even making the world a better place as you do?

There is a choice you need to make and you need to make it now because every second you waste is another you will never get back.

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  1. Take control of your life!


    I loved Design Your Destiny!

    Before the course, I’ve been stuck with my life experience for some months. On the surface it was ok, but I was not really satisfied with how things were going. I some control and direction in my daily activities, I was getting lost with bad habits like an excess of social media, being lazy to do what I had to do, not being really honest with myself about my deep desires and paying too much attention to what other people were saying.

    During the course, I started feeling independent, directed and capable of making changes I’d felt I couldn’t do some weeks ago. The noise of other people’s voices and thoughts was losing importance in my life. I could start producing more at work, enjoying more my free time, being more real in social events with friends and women. I also started not paying much attention to bad habits I was used to having. I was creating a really solid basis upon where I could make choices more consciously.

    After the course, It feels amazing. In DYD, you’re invited to develop new habits and naturally start changing your focus towards your life. Looking for what is just good is not satisfying now, I feel free to look for what’s great because now I have a standard to basis my experience of life, so I feel I’m in control of it. Bad habits are empty now when I involve myself with them. And making my time productive and important for myself is a clear priority now. DYD allows you to experience a calm sense of direction and serenity that gives new flavor to your life.

    If you’re not satisfied with your experience of life and maybe have a notion of what you need to do but it doesn’t convince yourself of where you want to go, enroll DYD and commit yourself 100% to this course. It’s worthy!

  2. Go for it


    At first I was a bit hesitant taking on this course. My life was good, however, I felt like it here could be… “more”.

    After taking the plunge, I quickly uncovered the little things that were essential to my day to day happiness, and a deeper understanding of what was truely important to me. The course then allowed me to take these insights and make real changes to my life.

    Now, years later, I look at far I’ve come and I often have to pinch myself. I have a dream job that just keeps getting better and better, an amazing relationship full of vitality and joy, and a community of friends that I adore. My life has a momentum to it that feels unstoppable, and its been a shit-ton of fun along the way.

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