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    I recently learned that we must desensitize ourselves to pain in order to overcome the challenges and barriers we encounter along the way. A few days ago I found out that my ex girlfriend was having a serious relationship with another guy, it made me very sad, but it also made me see something I wasn’t seeing… No need to be sad, nor change the way I talk to people. women to prevent someone from forgetting me, I must learn to be rejected, I must learn to hear a big no to feel its benefits and privileges. The moment I changed my perception of this situation I felt more powerful, I felt free and I felt confident because now I can’t apologize when I want to approach a girl or say something difficult to someone because the more I try to do what I do. want, even if someone rejects me or hates me, I will use that as a motivation to move in the direction I want.

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    Huy To Ryan

    I am glad that the experience has lead to a motivation for you to get out there and face rejections head on in order to grow as a person

    But I have different opinion about desensitizing ourselves to pain and sadness

    Those are very natural feelings of humans, meant to be felt fully. Without feeling pain & sadness you will never get to experience pleasure and joy. Life exists in contrasts for a reason

    It’s your resistance to feeling emotions that you label as “bad” (pain and sadness) is the very reason why they remain

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