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Account gone. Also, members only forum.

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    Hi, I bought endgame a couple weeks ago.

    Anyway so, my account just kind of disappeared so I created a new one with the same name/email address. I’ve also not been getting responses from the bonus emails and have understandably not gotten access to the members only forum yet. Help pls.

    A little non-related attention seeking ramble with questions follows:

    Also, I just finished endgame and have some questions. I would also like to talk to people that have read the book and make someone hear all I fucking want to express now. I’m still struggling with psychological dependence so this might just kind of be me trying to source my opinions and morals through someone else. But at the same time I realized just how much I fucking love myself. It’s a weird mix that book. Also, does the zone have anything to do with the getting/independence pathway? I played video games and changing one’s mentality from wanting to win because internet points to just focusing on and enjoying the game magically made me a lot fucking better at the game instantly.


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    Hey mate,

    My apologies for your account disappearing. There was a small window where the activity wasn’t migrated so it might have happened during that. Good to hear you’ve got your new account up and running.

    As for the Endgame forum – it doesn’t actually exist anymore! It was on the Attraction Institute forum which is now no longer active.

    If you have things you wish to discuss, post them here. Happy to chat about anything that’s going on.



    ‘aight, thx.

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