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Do I need to flirt with women? I can’t stand these types of conversations

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    I really can’t stand “flirtatious” conversations because it is just not my personality at all. However, I always hear from people that women won’t be interested unless you have these types of conversations with them.

    However, I know that in the past I have had some women be interested in me (e.g., asking me out on dates) after a conversation where there was definitely no flirting going on. But is this rare? Is it the case that with most women you need to be flirtatious to get anywhere with them? If so, does this mean I am doomed to never have the vast majority of women interested in me?

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    Why can’t you stand flirty conversations? I think ( I am no expert whatsoever) that if you dig deep and understand why you dislike flirting you might learn something interesting and helpful about yourself. Maybe a more masculine woman is your type. I’d be really interested if you asked your subconscious and found an accurate answer.



    Because I find them boring. Every girl I come across who does this type of thing always seems to have this fake energy that is exhausting, and the comments that are made are frequently so hacky and generic (e.g.,”How many other girls did you tell this to?”) that there is no response I want to make other than a straight-forward answer such that we can move on to talking about anything else.

    In the rare event that I find myself trying to respond in kind, I immediately just cringe at my behaviour.

    I also get the impression that a lot of girls who do this don’t actually like having these types of conversations, but just do so out of formality.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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