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(Helpme ) Making less money but feeling more in control of my life

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    hey I’m gonna make this straight forward because I don’t want to confuse myself, ok.

    Im 20 years old, graduated high school and been workin with my dad and his construction business since I was 12 and started full time at 18.

    -3 weeks ago I quit working with him just before covid 19  with a plan of working In either a Starbucks or supermarket inorder to become comfortable and systematically disprove a lot of fears my brain has, and I’m doing this mainly, to get 1 step closer to living my perfect day, day in day out.
    -Does this look like a independent plan ?


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    It depends on the type of path you want to take your life. If you truly believe that this will lead you to financial independence, go ahead, but if you are still not sure about it take a look at the website under the option: work / life. I think it will help and I hope I helped.


    ahmad hudili

    yeah it depends .


    first of all you should lern read about life meaning and what are you doing here . i I believe that there is next life after death so this is my biggest Priority in life and if you think that Christianity is bullshit i get it but don’t think like that Christianity is religion that comes from god but people change it before like 1500-1600 years from a king that don’t even believe in god so they said juses is the son of god and that was the biggest lie and then the Christianity start to fall apart so i searched and i find out that god send to us a religion that more better then Christianity and that was islam .. so i invite you to search about it and then follow the right way .

    second ) you should make a plan for your life

    and you have two ways to do that :

    first one ) to make a dream or goal a big one or small once

    second one ) to follow a system that already created .

    i personally follow the two : my goals and the system so my goals and how i reach them never broke the system , if you ask about the system is the system of islam , you can go to any Islamic center near to you and they will tell any thing you want from quran and hadeth , or you can easily search .


    so i think thes is the complete guide to the complete life . god guide us amen .




    Hey man, it’s okay that you believe that, there’s no problem, but when I said to check the work / life option on the site I meant this:

    I believe this will help you in business matters and also about financial independence.



    Hey man, as someone who has been in similar circumstances (parents owned businesses and have worked with them pretty much all of my life until recently) so I’m assuming you’re taking this journey as a step to become more independent.

    COVID-19 has been a bitch, lol. But what better time than to work on your independent plan. I’m currently enrolled in Leigh’s Insight program and I recommend it. I would just say suggest to add a timeline to your independent plan. By adding a timeline to your independent plan it makes It more tangible and concrete and allows you to factor in factors that are relative to your goal.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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