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How Do We Grow This Site?

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    So I have a question for Leigh that has been bugging me for years.

    Why do these spaces never kick off? They get four or five members and then nothing, then stagnation for years.  What’s the deal?  I like this space.  How do we turn this space into something popular, well used, like Facebook?

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    Firstly, building a community like this takes time and consistent action over time. I know Leigh knows marketing, and will drive a shit-ton of traffic to the website and forum. However, what makes people stick around is if they get value from the community or not.

    This is where you can help.

    • Reply to threads on the forum. I’ve noticed Leigh is pretty much answering every single forum post. This is to create conversation and engagement. But for one person to do it alone is a shitton of work. You can help by engaging with others as well.
    • Give as much value as you can. If you have something that can help others, then share it with them. Even if you think it is stupid. Learnt a lesson? Share it. I’m sure others will find value from it. I’ve started a journal of stuff I’m doing . Some of it won’t be relevant to some people, but for those going through similar challenges, I’m sure there is gold that they can learn from.
    • Stick to it. Building a community is not linear. Its exponential. Keep being consistent with your interactions is key. Find what value you can get from these forums and be a stand for that. For me, the fact that I’m journaling and documenting it here, helps me tremendously. It also provides content that people can learn from too. See where you can get the win for yourself and how it can help others too.
    • Be the person you wish to see on the forum. I want to see people on this forum that give killer feedback, yet are completely open with where they are at, their struggles and how they overcome them. I want people who are walking the walk instead of just spewing “theory”. So I’m going to be that person. You will never see me give one word replies. I will never try bullshit my way through giving an answer. I will try to help as much as I can, but I will be honest with my experience and knowledge level on a subject. The kinds of people that like that shit, are the kinds of people who I want on this forum.

    That’s what I have for now. If you have ideas – share them too.

    What are you going to bring to this community?




    Let me talk about the colosseum!.

    Some gladiators will fight the king and will go to the  forest to form their own tribe. But, the age of kings doesnt end there, another king will show up and control the rest.

    Even now, people are nothing ,but , modern slaves. Yes, some can create a business online or offline and find freedom,but, there is a limit for that . The economic structure created by the elites is such that, as one wins, someone elsewhere will go down. In such a scenario, what do you think people would like to hear about.

    Apart from creating a life of their own, people might like articles which talk about love, peace, joy , acceptance, inspiration, habits, forming good connection with other humans,  enjoying their day at the colosseum ( sounds strange, but, what else can they do) etc.

    Steps that can be taken:

    * articles which talks about finding joy , meaning, love etc in 9 to 5 job will be helpful . Some people binge on anything that excites them , because, their every day job is not filling their life with the excitement, love that they look for. In such a scenario , we need to give more, we need to write an article which helps them find purpose within their job too.  These are the times , where, we have self sustaining communities project in some parts of the world, there are some companies which are employee friendly, there are jobs which wont drain you, overall, remember what viktor frankl did , he chose his response ,plus, despite being tortured , he chose to find some peace, love. People might need more of that too. remember anne frank, despite the bad times,the girl still believed that much goodness was left in people. articles which inspire people to take these ” small” steps in everyday life will be helpful, because, sometimes, the circumstances wouldnt allow one to just leave the job that they have, or the place that they live in, in such a scenario, an article which gives them examples of characters like victor, anne, etc will help them find some peace. overall, the articles should be a combination of different things . LifeOS might want to help those who want to create their own life(including business),but, when it comes to articles, maybe there can be more articles which are relatable to the common crowd . in general, many wont be able to create a business around their dreams, in such a case, normal inspiring stories of different characters or articles on finding peace in everyday life or alternatives to current economic system will be helpful.

    * free stuff related to creating amazing bonds, habits, etc might help some.

    * we can send articles written by normal dudes around the world, explaining how everyday life can be still good.

    * we can send articles which explain the current economic system, because , just knowing what one is up against , one will be able to find a bit of peace within. This can be done by getting in touch with individuals online who run websites or blogs related to revealing the truth behind how the economy works

    * articles related to health is great. Because, this is something that many can take immediate action on ( comparatively)

    * articles which inspire people is great too.

    * articles related to enlightenment or consciousness is helpful . Because, these topics mostly revolve around finding peace, acceptance, love within, letting go etc. This is something that many will be able to relate to.

    overall, the idea is to write something that the common crowd can relate to,plus, the article should have actionable steps which anyone can take no matter where they are or their work timings etc.



    yes, nathan had a good point, when he asked “What are you going to bring to this community?”


    I can do that thing of collecting articles which many will be able to relate to.



    Jimmy, mate, good to hear you’re so keen to see this place kick off.

    The first forum I ran went really well while I was monitoring it, but like Nathan said, building a community is a long, slow process that takes consistent time and effort to keep it moving.

    Nathan’s right, I’m bringing lots of traffic to the site and now it’s time to get that traffic more involved and engaged in what we’re doing here. I’m working on a few things, testing a few different ideas, and seeing how they all go, and I’m sure we’ll find a solution. It’s just going to take time.

    In the mean time, following Nathan’s advice is the best way to go. Post things you’re interested in, even offtopic stuff in the ‘shooting the shit’ section helps. Reply to other people’s posts. And just keep going. The more we put in, the faster it’ll grow.

    Great to hear you’re so keen to keep this place moving forward. There’s lot of work to go but also lots of opportunity to keep it growing.



    Oh, one more thing: comment on any post you read. The more engagement on the site, the more it encourages others to engage with the site. The more they engage, the more others engage. It’s the snowball that gets the avalanche rolling.

    Same goes for any social media posts. Engagement encourages engagement.

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