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Problems to access course Uncover your core

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    Hello leigh! I hope everything is fine around where you live, anyway …

    I am interested in buying the course Uncover your core but, on my Pc it still says that the course will come soon and I am in doubt if you have already launched it or if it is still in development! answer me if possible, because I am too excited to put it into action! Thanks in advance!

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    Haha, great to hear, mate.

    You’re in luck, I’ve just made it live.  It was closed for just a trial group but they’re moving through and doing well so I’m opening it up to the public.

    You can access it here now: https://my.lifeoperatingsystem.com/all-courses/uncovering-your-core/

    To to get access and let me know if you run into any issues.

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