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    Let’s say that I had one week left to die in life, what might i desire!. Would I sit and worry about how elites are ruling the world or would i wish to have lived a life true to me!. Life is slipping is away, everything around is just fading and changing its form. Do you feel like feeling life!!!….what the hell do i mean by that….to feelll life!, to be here and feel it….to breathe and feel the feelings that run in me, to sit and feel it alll…..right now , i feel intimate with life, i feel like dancing naked in the rain and express the joy freely, to fall in love with life , dance with its beauty and breathe deeply with its pain .There is not much hope left in me, I have seen many die with pain caused by frauds in medical industry , and what more, right now many are in streets because of an economic system run by a gang of elites who are up to no good. But, the magic of life remains, the sunshine passing through the leaves, the lights, the sounds, the wind, the silence…damn, to be alive, to feel this all,what a beauty…………its like going to an amusement, I never know if i am going to like the ride, but, hey!, I can dash into the park screaming with joy and excitement, to smile along the way sit with pain , then,  breathe…………………..

    joy comes to go, pain comes to go, nothing stayed ……….to stop planning it all and just wake up everyday with an intention to be joyful whenever possible and sit with pain whenever possible, to hold another person’s hand with much care in eyes and breathe with them……..

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    The shaman takes the holy herb and realises god. He becomes the god, realises that he,” was the god ,is the god ,will be the god” and says that, ” all that there is , is god”


    “but, the ego ( the thoughts put together, both good and bad) is the hero. the ego is the one that decided to save that street dog suffering from an accident, the ego was the one which decided to let go of the enemy .We are able to stay compassionate ,because, we can think.  Higher levels of consciousness will assist one to stay more compassionate with ease, but, the seed for compassion lies in thinking , it lies in the way we think. ”

    you are the angel without wings , walking on this planet. You were the one who gave his/ her seat for that elderly person in the bus, you are the one who spoke about saving the trees and dolphins, you are the one who wanted to save the planet from bad people , you are the one who wished that everyone had good things in life.

    there is good in you , there might be a part in you which wants to love this life . But , life doesnt always love back , that’s where, you come into the picture.When there is no love, you become the love. When there is no inspiration, you become the inspiration.

    To stay loving is a choice and it doesn’t make one feel lovely all the time. To let go of that person who was screaming at you and then, to take that extra step and ask them if their day was bad,now, that is a conscious choice.  You are the hero in this life, you in this human form ,  you are a hero. A hero’s journey isn’t all rosy, its filled with thorns and chilly winds,but, the hero makes that choice to stay loving and in the end, becomes the epitome for love.your journey in this life , “from seeking love to becoming love, and from being love to doing things that are loving”.

    i can hate this life for all its ugliness,there is nothing wrong with it, but ,at the same time, now can be the time, where, i can start to add some love . To add a little patience, to add a little gratitude, to add a little appreciation, to add a little kindness, to add a little of all that is good to my life. to add some beauty to the dust.

    Life is a dust at times , ain’t it, maybe we are the heroes who are here to add some beauty to it.  Sometimes, a heroes journey of adding beauty to life starts by adding beauty to his own being.



    One might ask, why all this negativity around.Why write a post filled with pain, doubts, etc. Is pain meant to be labelled as toxic and thrown in a corner. when i walk in streets , i can sense peace and yet, around the corner comes the suffering. Sometimes i wish that life didn’t involve any blood sheds,but, blood runs within us and can come out at anytime in anyway. How does one make peace with suffering?  is there such a thing known as making peace.

    The loving god didnt show up to stop the suffering. It seems like there is nothing known as the holy love, or bliss or peace. there is some peace and some love , but, life seems like a mix. Some cry out loud with pain and some scream with joy.

    Men who flew to the sky sometimes forget what it feels like to be in the pit .. they might scream from the sky ” fly! ,  just flyy!!, you are your enemy, so, just take that step and fly!”…the owners of the banks scream at the poor,” work, work!, work will set you free”, but, did the work set men free, no, it didnt….they will be slaved and, slaved until death …… these moments, i wish i had control over life, but, i dont have control over it… can choose to live life in a peaceful way,but, horror can be just around the corner,no one knows……………………………………………… men create a life for them ,huge number of people die along. Some killed by gangs, some by food , some by corporates, and the list goes on. Not many might like to hear all this and its understandable. but, to feel life head on involves sitting with the pain. I see much joy around and yet, I see a lot of suffering around too. In the face of it all, hope fades, reasons die and here i stay with silence and breath.

    the beauty that I hold onto can fade in front of my eyes and this is the life i am trying to love . in life, i searched for the love which will save men and women . But, as the journey goes on, I become the love that i sought for and i doo the work of love .

    Your journey in life , from seeking love to becoming love , from seeking a hero to becoming a hero , from seeking peace to becoming peace .




    some humans around the world are actively making plans to poison the food, slave many more, kill some more. Now, how does one fight back.

    well, ” be nothing less than the sun shining”.

    I am more of ” life is shitty”,but, within many is a  little desire. A desire to feel life with intensity, a desire to master something, a desire to be a hero, and so on.

    we can still choose to move in the direction of love and joy. it might not be a easy ride ,but, hey, my friend, dont you think its worth a try .Making changes in life need not be big. small consistent steps will do good too. Surround your life with things that you like and things that elevate you . be a hero to yourself and be there for your life. You are your hero.

    This body of mine is made of death. This life of mine is made of death . But, every star in the dark sky shines bright before dying and I shall shine bright and radiate love in this land of death.



    as i walk down the street, i wind really brings me back to present moment . I might have a lot of dreams in life, but, the wind feels like a blessing.  there is always a better city that one can move to, there is always a better world that one can live in, but, the thing is, life is passing by now. while i chase for the “better this and better that”, life is happening and i dont want to miss it. It feels plain to stay present , to stay with breath and be here .This is the moment  where life is happening and even though it feels tough to stay present, i think it will get easier.

    the search for better might not end and its great if i find ways to stay happy along the ride.

    To seek goodness along the way , and if there is none, then, maybe i can try to create some along the way.



    As the night begins, may i “let be” of all the pain that the day bought. let me cherish the fact that i have a good place to live in and that, i am going to have a healthy food. I feel blessed . Its a blessing to have excess to internet, to have access to universities. Its a great blessing to have this body with proper hands and legs.  A warm bed to sleep on , a lovely window to watch skies and trees.i can breathe with ease and its a blessing itself. my body has the capacity to heal and its a blessing too. thank you “my body ” for helping me out in life. let this night’s sleep heal my soul , may the loving energies of this universe fill my being with love. Let me wake up refreshed and filled with beauty .



    There are many poems , stories and movies , where, beauty is emphasized a lot. The mighty king and the beautiful queen. A lot of women might like the mighty king and a lot of men might like the beauty queen. lets say that i like queens. will i feel “happy and free ” if i try to become the mighty king. Should that be the intention of my life . To wake up everyday and do things to impress the queen. Its like those kids in school who do everything that the teacher says so as to  get that star on their book,but, as days move on , and as they grow up , things change,  one might feel the desire to be accepted for who they are . one might wish that the teacher gave the star on their book just like that. but, do i really need that star. Do i really need that smile from the queen. Should i trade my “freedom to be who i am ” so that, ” i get the queen” or “the star from teacher” . even though i like the queen, i like my freedom to be who i am more than the desire to get the queen. I don’t want to stand in front of the queen or the teacher and think about how to impress them so as to get what i want out of them . Life looses its magic when i do that. I might struggle in front of another person while telling them what i exactly feel, but, this struggle is worth it.

    freedom comes with a cost. it might seem like a lonely path. But, its worth it.



    A topic on Freedom and beauty, damn, its a nice idea to start blogging under this section. I am going to update my action plans and activities in here.



    The plan is to fill my days for some days, with activities(reading, music, conversations ,etc , literally anything that involves my waking hours etc) that are going to fill my life with good physical health and calmness, etc,

    Overall, the activity should “make me feel that life is good and make me want to look forward for another day,plus,it should keep my body healthy, and my mind calm

    Here’s the plan:

    * i sticked notes on my laptop, purse. On the notes, i wrote reminders like “remember” ” breathe” “patience” “being” etc.

    * I am going to start collecting songs (mostly binaural beats, isochronic tones)

    * download some books which grows my understanding more on topics related to habits , human behavior

    * continue with my exercising , healthy eating habits.

    *stay with breathe whenever possible, stay at ease, spend a little time in silence everyday



    Contemplation: topic is – * “Before buying anything in life” ,or , “before spending too much time with anyone” ,  what is it that i should think about.


    what purpose does that thing/person play in my life – this leads me back to the question , ” what kind of purpose ” would i desire them to play – this leads me to the question ” what is it that i want my life to be filled with “- which leads to values like ,” kindness, adventure, passion, care, peace,love etc”- which leads to the question ” what should be the result of inculcating these values in life”- ” which leads to the answer” these values should affect my “body and mind” in positive ways ,plus, it should make me want to cherish life ”

    So, ultimately, the person or thing that i allow in my life , should overall add values in such a way that the time spent with them , would ” affect my body and mind in healthy ways , plus, it would make me cherish my life”

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